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Tools for data visualization - Imarticus Learning


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Data visualisation lets you interact with data. It goes beyond analysis. The Visualisation brings a presentation to life. It keeps your audience’s eyes on the screen. And gets people interested.
Here in these slides, we discuss few Tools for Data Visualisation.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Tools for data visualization - Imarticus Learning

  1. 1. Tools for Data Visualization
  2. 2. Different Tools for Data Visualization D3.js
  3. 3. Different Tools for Data Visualization
  4. 4. Different Tools for Data Visualization
  5. 5. Tableau Data Visualization Simple, drag and drop based user interface. Easy transfer of data to or from popular file formats such as xls, csv and xml. User can draw up charts and histograms of varying complexities as and when needed. One of the best interactive data visualization tools Basic version of Tableau data visualization tool is free.
  6. 6. Regular Tasks What are some of the regular tasks performed by Tableau? Sales data analysis User density monitoring Tracking budgeting expense Consumer segmenting Categorizing and sub- categorizing data
  7. 7. Tableau Versions
  8. 8. Tableau Desktop
  9. 9. Tableau Desktop
  10. 10. Tableau Online
  11. 11. Thank you Mumbai | Thane | Pune | Bangalore | Delhi - NCR | Hyderabad | Chennai | Coimbatore ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER: Contact