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Stress management - Imarticus Learning


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Stress management - Imarticus Learning

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Stress management - Imarticus Learning

  1. 1. Stress Management
  2. 2. THE POWER OF CALM In this program, you will learn about The Power of Calm through engaging practical, hands-on exercises, role plays, with a focus on applicability. The focus is on understanding stressors and easy, practical steps we can take to reduce and mitigate them using self reflection, yoga among others. Module 1: Clap your 7s Module 2: Draw your Stress out Module 3: Measure your stress Module 4: Becoming the Stress Buster Ninja Module 5: Case Study Discussion: Stressed out Freshman Mr Raju Module 6: Self Reflection: Write down your stress sources Program Overview Private and Confidential 2 Module 7: Becoming the Stress Buster Ninja Part 2- Combating stress from external locus Module 8: Clap your 7s- Energizer Module 9: Becoming the Stress Buster Ninja Part 3 Module 10: Applying internal locus combating techniques to yourself- Self Reflection Module 11: Becoming the Stress Buster Ninja Part 4 - Role Play & video, The First Aid Kit Module 12: Write a letter to your stressor
  3. 3. What Stresses You Out? What You Out Q
  4. 4. Draw Your Stress Draw Your Stress… (Unleash your inner artist!)
  5. 5. Draw Your Stress Draw Your Stress Object Animal PlantPerson Building Abstract Examples Only! Use Your Imagination - No Copying!
  6. 6. What is Stress? What is Stress? Q
  8. 8. Common Stressors Asking a non singer to sing in public leads to increased heart beat, sweating, anxiety A Dentist Visit from Hell OR
  9. 9. Measure Your Stress HOW STRESSED ARE YOU? TIME TO MEASURE YOUR STRESS (Refer Page 5-6 of your Manual)
  10. 10. Stress-O-Meter Extremely prone to stress25-50 Prone to stress50-75 Less prone to stress75-100 Very less prone to stress100-125 So, what is your Stress Score? And what does it mean?
  11. 11. Thank you Mumbai | Thane | Pune | Bangalore | Delhi - NCR | Hyderabad | Chennai | Coimbatore ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER: Contact