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Know your Enemy - Imarticus Learning


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Know your Enemy - Imarticus Learning

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Know your Enemy - Imarticus Learning

  1. 1. Know Your Enemy
  2. 2. Know Your Enemy What changes do see when you encounter stress? ON YOUR BODY ON YOUR BEHAVIOR
  3. 3. Know Your Enemy: Physiological Affects FATIGUE Physiological Affects of Stress RESPIRATORY DISORDERS DIGESTIVE DISORDERS SLEEP DIFFICULTIES MUSCLE TENSION TEARFULNESS Did you know? 75% to 90% of all doctor's visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.
  4. 4. Know Your Enemy: Behavioral Affects ANXIETY Behavioral Affects of Stress ANGER LACK OF CONCEN- TRATION HYPER- TENSION IRRITATION FORGETFUL- NESS Did you know? Our Productivity grows by 40% when we reduce stress related factors at work place.
  5. 5. Stress Buster Ninja Be a Stress-Buster Ninja
  6. 6. Locus of Control External Locus of Control Internal Locus of Control • Outcomes outside of your control • Determined by fate and independent of your hard work or decisions • Outcomes within your control • Determined by your hard work or decisions The consequences of my behavior are outside of my control. I control the consequences of my behavior.
  7. 7. Self Reflection TIME FOR SELF REFLECTION Write your own sources of stress. Classify them if are in external locus or internal locus.
  8. 8. What is Stressing Others Out? What is Stressing Most of Us Out? Source: YouGov Sixth Sense Report
  9. 9. Problem Solving Identify and define the problem Analyze the problem Identify possible solutions Select and plan the solution Implement the solution Evaluate the solution Internal Locus
  10. 10. ExcusesIntentions Excuses I want to start my hobby on weekends… I want to start yoga from tomorrow… I will spend more time with my family… What’s Your Excuse? BUT…. I don’t get the time!!!!
  11. 11. Thank you Mumbai | Thane | Pune | Bangalore | Delhi - NCR | Hyderabad | Chennai | Coimbatore ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER: Contact