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Installation and Working with Tableau


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Data visualisation lets you interact with data. It goes beyond analysis. The Visualisation brings a presentation to life. It keeps your audience’s eyes on the screen. And gets people interested.
Here in these slides, we discuss few Tools for Data Visualisation.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Installation and Working with Tableau

  1. 1. Installation and Working with Tableau
  2. 2. Tableau Desktop
  3. 3. Tableau Online
  4. 4. Working with Tableau What can Tableau do for you? Exporting, Connecting and Loading Sample Use Cases Data Blending from Multiple Source Systems
  5. 5. Visualization in Depth Highlight Tables
  6. 6. Visualization in Depth Heat Maps
  7. 7. Visualization in Depth Circle Plots
  8. 8. Visualization in Depth Continuous Lines
  9. 9. Visualization in Depth Side by Side Bars
  10. 10. Visualization in Depth Dual Charts
  11. 11. Thank you Mumbai | Thane | Pune | Bangalore | Delhi - NCR | Hyderabad | Chennai | Coimbatore ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER: Contact