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Executive Development Program (Brochure)


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Our Executive Development Programs (EDP) are the ideal platform for functional executives with future potential to move from the basics towards mastery and success in a broader role. These intense 2-day workshops act as catalysts for fresh thinking, re-training and knowledge enhancement. Participants expand their business acumen in key areas as they benefit from the expertise of the faculty and fellow participants. To Know More, visit here:

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Executive Development Program (Brochure)

  1. 1. CREATING FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS IMARTICUS EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING Email us: Website: Our Executive Development Programs (EDP) are the ideal platform for functional executives with future potential to move from the basics towards mastery and success in a broader role. These intense 2-day workshops act as catalysts for fresh thinking, re-training and knowledge enhancement. Participants expand their business acumen in key areas as they benefit from the expertise of the faculty and fellow participants.
  2. 2. Money Laundering is a constant and yet, evolving risk that impacts governments, organisations and individuals alike. Facilitated, either knowingly or unknowingly by financial institutions, money launderers are finding new ways to exploit the banking industry and circumvent laws and regulations. The growing threat of terrorism compounds the threat money laundering presents and underscores the need for financial institutions to have in place robust, scalable control frameworks to mitigate money laundering risks. Tackling the complex international patchwork of regulatory and legal requirements, while continuing to serve clients locally, is challenging. The financial services sector faces significant reputational damage and potentially large fines if adequate controls do not exist. Around the world, regulators are taking an increasingly aggressive stance on failures in this area. ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING AN INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE COME AND JOIN US to enhance your aptitude and expertise in anti-money laundering (AML) detection, prevention and enforcement to strengthen your team and protect your organisation. TH TH 28 & 29 JULY, 2016 BANGALORE TH TH 4 & 5 AUGUST, 2016 GURUGRAM
  3. 3. Our 2-day workshop is designed to deliver an industry-focused, practical view of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation and regulatory expectations from financial institutions. Through a mix of case studies and experience-sharing sessions, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the key drivers for a financial institution's AML control framework as well as the challenges faced and best practices adopted by the industry in the face of the constantly evolving threat of money laundering and terrorist financing. ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING HOW OUR WORKSHOP CAN HELP LEARNING OBJECTIVES This workshop will enable participants to: Identify indicators of money laundering risks Determine the necessary action to be taken using a risk-based approach Implement the control needed to mitigate and manage the risk Discuss challenges faced when combating money laundering risks Identify best practices adopted by the industry Understand outsourcing as an enabler in implementing an efficient AML program Identify methods in which shared services organisations can deliver value to financial institutions Identify KYC best practices adopted by the industry
  4. 4. COVERAGE SESSION 1 SESSION 2 SESSION 3 SESSION 4 SESSION 5 SESSION 6 Introduction to Money Laundering {2 Hours} Identifying Techniques / Indicators of Money Laundering The| Socio-economic Impact of Money Laundering The Impact of| Money Laundering on the BFSI Sector Case Studies & Real-life| Examples Responding to the Risk of Money Laundering {4 Hours} Inside an Anti- Money Laundering Program {5 Hours} Industry Perspective: Outsourcing as an Enabler {2 Hours} Overview of Regulatory Framework {2 Hours} The Global Framework of Regulation to Combat Money Laundering | Key AML Legislations in Principal Markets FATF Recommendations:| What Do They Mean for your Firm? The Challenges Presented| to Financial Institutions in Meeting Regulatory Expectations| | Case Studies on Current Regulatory Framework The Risk-based Approach to Combating Money Laundering | The Mechanism of the Customer Risk Rating Process | Challenges and Best Practices in Adopting a Risk-based Approach | Case Studies – Group Activity The Key Components of a Financial Institution's AML Program | How AML Fits into a Financial Institution's Compliance 'Universe' | The Role of Technology as an Enabler in AML The Challenges| Presented by the Advent of Rapid-scale Digitisation in the Industry | Case Study – Group Activity How the 'Shared Services' Model Adopted by the BFSI Industry Has Helped in the Context of AML Methods That Will Help Such Shared| Services Move Up the 'Value Chain' and Contribute More to a Financial Institution's AML Program Case Study – Group Activity| Conclusion & Next Steps {1 Hours} The Road Ahead for a Financial Institution's AML Program | Identifying Changes Expected in Existing Regulations and Legislation that will Shape the Next Stage in AML Compliance DAY1 DAY2 à An Asset Management company wishes to establish a prime brokerage relationship for its hedge fund unit à An overseas mining company wishes to engage the bank to underwrite an Initial Public Offering (IPO) à A private e-commerce company wishes to avail of corporate financial advisory services from the bank à A High Net-worth Individual (HNI) client of the bank's Wealth Management division wishes to open a trust account The workshop will feature illustrative scenarios within the simulated environment such as:
  5. 5. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS ABOUT This exclusive, two-day intermediate-level program on Anti-Money Laundering is limited in size and puts attendees in cohort teams guided by an expert faculty – to facilitate learning, maximize interaction, and form lasting connections. FEES ` 25,000/- + taxes, inclusive of tuition and presentation material. Lunch & refreshments will be th served at the venue. Early bird discount of 10% for registrations before 30 June, 2016 HANDS-ONLEARNING The emphasis of the programme is on the practical – participants will have a hands-on opportunity to analyse and understand the policies and processes that are adopted by financial institutions in managing money laundering risks and identify areas within their own organisations or processes where such measures can be implemented and optimised through automation and outsourcing. CASESTUDIES Each topic will conclude with a case study or scenario to illustrate real life challenges and successes in implementing and complying with AML regulations. EXCLUSIVEWORKSHOPFEATURES à Comprehensive pre-course podcast à Faculty of leading practitioners à Exclusive course material for future reference à Case study work groups à Assessments to check your learning and assess your progress à Course certificate and full course report WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This workshop is best suited for executives and managers working or aspiring to work in AML roles such as Relationship Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Corporate Treasurers, Hedge Fund Managers, Private Bankers, Market Risk Managers, Legal and Compliance Officers, Financial Consultants and Regulators. TWO BATCHES TH TH 28 & 29 JULY, 2016 TH TH 4 & 5 AUGUST, 2016 Venue: Novotel Hotel, Bengaluru Venue: The Royal Orchid, Gurugram
  6. 6. Ratan has 17 years of experience working in training & consulting roles for major financial institutions in India. Prior to his transition to Training and Knowledge Management, Ratan had extensive and wide-ranging experience in Risk Management, Compliance and Assurance with KPMG and EXL Service in India, USA, UK and Europe. He has worked with CFO functions across industries (Insurance, Financial Services, Banking, Manufacturing, etc.) and Sayak is a seasoned professional, with over 13 years of experience in Assurance and Risk Advisory. His core expertise lies in risk management consulting, financial risk, internal controls, financial audit and regulatory compliance. Prior to his current role in the Learning & Development domain, Sayak garnered extensive and wide-ranging experience working with PriceWaterhouse Coopers and EXL Service, managing audit and compliance projects in India, USA, UK and the Asia-Pacific. Sayak has worked closely with industry leaders in the BFSI sector, helping companies with the design and implementation of internal controls and compliance processes, including regulatory requirements including AML/KYC, Sarbanes-Oxley and Solvency II. During his tenure with EXL Service, Sayak has additionally held overall training responsibilities for up to 200 employees, and has played a lead role in the conceptualization, set-up and administration of an online knowledge portal. Sayak holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Calcutta University, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and ISACA, USA. geographies, and brings a practical and 'real world' context to learning, thereby adding a unique perspective to the participants' training experience. Ratan commenced his career as a part of KPMG's Assurance Practice. His clients included some of the largest global and Indian banks, with a focus on credit and operational risk in both Retail and Corporate Banking. As a project manager at EXL, Ratan executed and delivered large end-to-end operational and financial risk management engagements in the US, UK and Europe. His experience of implementing risk and compliance programs with CFOs and CROs, and his deep exposure to risk management and risk reporting, on a dual-shore delivery model, have provided him with a broader perspective on risk and regulation. As an entrepreneur, Ratan co-founded People Trust, a consultancy offering Advisory, Learning and Recruitment solutions to organisations within the broader Finance domain. Ratan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from St Xavier's College, Kolkata, and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. RATAN POSTWALLA SAYAK BHANJA CO-FACILITATOR EXPERT PROFILE