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Imarks linkbuilding

  1. 1. Link Building Link Building Milestones Link Building Link Building is the process by which you get incoming links to a ¤ Project Analysis -The first step for any link building campaign is to do a website. A Link Building campaign is initiated to get incoming links thorough project analysis. This includes the following: to a website from other websites. The whole purpose behind link building or link development is to improve the link popularity of a ¤ Review of the website content website, or to improve the number of incoming links to a website. • Review of current position on Search Engines • Review of current link popularity of the website Link Popularity • Review of Competitor websites Link popularity has gained a lot of importance as it plays a very • Analysis of back links to competitor websites important role in the way Search Engines rank websites. Every • Identifying the number of links required for the website website needs incoming links to increase its prominence on the Search Engines. The more popular a website is, the more users and These steps help us identify the current position of the website and what we traffic will come to it. need to do in order to compete on the Search Engines. Statistics and figures collected in this step of the link building process also help to serve as a benchmark to compare the website progress later on. Key Benefits ¤ Research and Preparation -The second step of our process involves Keyword ¤ Generates targeted web site traffic Research and preparation of Anchor Texts, Link Texts and Link Descriptions ¤ Increases link popularity and thereby higher rankings in the which we will use to carry out the link building campaign. We also compile a organic search engine search results list of web directories and themed websites which need to be contacted for the links campaign. The steps for research and preparation are listed below: ¤ Builds brand awareness through increased online visibility ¤ Lifts brand-awareness because branded ¤ Keyword Research • Identification of Landing Pages • Anchor Texts and Link Text creation • Finding Quality Link Partner websites Measuring ROI • Finding web directories for submission Based on Keyword Research, several different link texts and link descriptions ¤ Number of Affiliate Links are made to be used for the different landing pages of the website. Once we ¤ Number of Reciprocal Links have the contact details and anchor texts ready, we then compile a list of ¤ Number of Directory Submissions web directories where the website will be submitted and also find quality ¤ Number of Social Bookmarking websites who will be contacted for adding links on their websites. ¤ Number of Deep Linking ¤ Number of Blog Links ¤ Links Development-Once we complete our research and preparation, we are ready to start the Links Development process. This involves directory Reporting & Monitoring submissions and contacting the link partners to finalize the deal for putting a link to our clients website on their web page. The website owners are requested to use the provided link text and description on their websites. ¤ Every month we check the incoming links and compile a report of the links collected for our client websites and update Different methods are carried out to get links: them about it. We also carry out regular maintenance of links General Web Directory Submissions ¤ for our clients to keep track of links that might have been • Niche Web Directory Submissions removed by the partner websites. • Contacting Themed Websites • Submission to Social Media and Bookmark Sites ¤ The website is re-submitted to web directories which may not • Article writing and submission have approved the link the first time it was submitted. Also, • Press Releases since new web directories are added to the web every day, we also submit your website to new directories regularly. • Link Baiting We carry out the links development process on an on-going basis to get links ¤ Reporting also involves checking the improvement in rankings for our clients regularly. Any old or broken links coming to a client website from of the Website on the Search Engines. We send regular other websites are also checked and in some cases the website owners are ranking reports to clients on a monthly basis. Link contacted to correct the link or improve it.I Marks Digital Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. BranchesRegd. & Corporate Office, #16-2-753/A/2, Sri Sri House, 4th Floor, Revenue Board ColonyDilsukhnagar, Hyderabad - 500060, A.P, India, Tel: +91 40 30484950/51, Fax : +91 40 30243040 Mumbai | Vijayawada