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Imarks corporate brochure

  1. 1. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company I Marks Digital Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad Regd. & Corporate Office #16-2-753/A/2, Sri Sri House, 4th Floor, Revenue Board Colony Near Konark Towers, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad - 500060, A.P, India Tel: +91 40 30484950/51, Fax : +91 40 30243040 Sales Branches Dubai | Mumbai | Hyderabad | Vizag | A Digital Marketing Company
  2. 2. IMarks IMarks is an end-to-end digital marketing solutions company providing customer-centric solutions to our focused verticals. IMarks have the power to change company’s marketing strategies, communities, brands and minds. We use latest digital trends to advance the brand transformation, business growth and competitive performance of our clients with integrated digital marketing solutions. These become enduring assets, which can grow exponentially, delivering continued success for our clients. IMarks Digital Marketing Solutions that get recognized by your peers that monitor and measure marketing campaigns that drive global growth that create profitable buzz that increase online brand awareness that make companies stronger that attract even in Recession that create new revenue streams that increase lead generation Vision IMarks believes in redefining the way to connect the customers based on the latest digital marketing trends; delivering customer-centric services and solutions they trust. Mission Achieving a high return-on-investment means optimizing results and profitability for clients, the company and employees. IMarks specializes in providing Digital marketing services that are successful, innovative, professional, and of high quality. IMarks focuses its attention and efforts on achieving a reputation for excellence of all focused verticals. Values Values As a Company we are committed to our Vision and Mission, respect for our clients and the people we meet, delivering on our promises, achieving things that were once only a dream. We are committed to our clients, business partners, and vendors. We pride ourselves on doing the job well, above expectations, on time, and within budget. We honor our commitments, provide results, and strive for excellent quality. As individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, continual self-improvement, and mutual A Digital Marketing Company
  3. 3. Planning Services Planning Services Do you want to start a new brand website for your company? Do you want to renovate your already existing website to improve your online presence in the market? If your answer is YES for any of these questions then IMARKS is the right place for you. Planning services from IMarks are designed and developed to evaluate all elements of your organization charisma in the web world right from the efficiency and usability of the website to their prominence among the various search engines like Google, Bing and many more. We offer various kind of information that is necessary for the upliftment of your brand through a thorough research. The initial footstep in beginning any social media business is to fathom who the competitors of your brand and their success formula. Also how vast are they spread out in the online industry for the services and products. Our branding ideas will assist you in knowing the present competition levels, techniques that are required by your company to gain online charisma in the industry. IMarks brings all new innovative branding ideas to survive out of competition which are as follow. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Planning Services. Digital Marketing Business Plan IMarks offers the best digital marketing business plan which makes you stand unique in the competition era. Almost each and every kind of online business venture from small to large online retail sites and entertainment hubs will be booming only when there is a business map that can drive towards victory. At IMarks, we are harnessed with a strong team of online business and Internet marketing professionals with skilled proficiency to build extensive Internet business plans for new online ventures to get funding and to guarantee that latest online businesses have a good scope for success at the same time producing high quality ROI. Search Engine Marketing Plan IMarks offer search engine marketing plans for both new online ventures and also to organizations which are grown older. The Search engine marketing strategy embraces a deep assessment of strong revenue, search engine marketing plans, lead producing ability of the consumer’s present website and tricks in the online business strategy. Search promotion projects and latest website growth are assessed based up on ROI and online promotion capacity. Social Media Marketing Plan The Social Media Marketing plan is developed and produced for companies and industries that want to utilize social media promotion and branding happen easier. With the help of social media marketing plan you can send wide variety of messages in the form of audio, video, widgets, text, and images through various social networking sites and gain visibility , good traffic to your site. Website Usability Review and Analysis Most of the business organizations have made broad web sites and has endowed profoundly in search engine marketing The website usability and conversion analysis service is developed and is a perfect way for all small and medium sized online businesses with ecommerce or advertising sites which want to augment their internet sales and web leads of their present A Digital Marketing Company
  4. 4. Search Marketing Do you want to start a new brand website for your company? IMarks builds and employ search promotion plans to assist customers hook up openly with the build brands, produce sales and digital prospects. We build custom made, full service and result focused search engine advertising programs that strongly assimilate mobile search, paid search promotion, video search marketing, search engine optimization for superior investment. Our custom made search engine marketing program comprises of management of PPC search advertising, strategy building, image and video search optimization for "vertical" specialty search engines, keyword analysis and search engine optimization for mixed combination listings at top notch quality search engines like Google and etc. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Search Marketing. Search Engine Optimization IMarks presents search engine optimization services that are developed on search engine optimization awareness, proficiency and our method for increasing appropriate SEO traffic to the site and conversions that fit in with ROI and SEO performance metrics. Video Search Marketing The perfect combination of service, knowledge and ease is presented with the help of our comprehensive video search marketing service program. It is mainly consisted of the components that are important for the accomplishment and finishing of an efficient video search promotion program. PPC Search Management IMarks with a great wisdom and knowledge in planning and implementing paid search campaigns, we offer classiness and accuracy of the Microsoft ad center paid search, Yahoo, Google Ad words platforms to employ thriving and booming paid search marketing campaigns for the clients. Youtube Search Management Imarks present you a comprehensive Youtube search management program for Youtube sponsored video advertisements consisting campaign optimization, campaign management, campaign set-up, video ad creation, key word research and many more. Local Search Marketing The Local Search Marketing promotion is a combination of techniques, procedures, digital marketing techniques, consisting of internet yellow page business listings, web directory submission, local search engine optimization that are utilized to market the services and products to the net users. Link Building Campaign Management Link quality, link context, link popularity are the important elements in the appropriate algorithms that place the web site pages in the organic search results of the major search engines. SEM Campaign Management The search engine marketing campaign management offers online marketers, online advertisers and merchants that capacity to assess and evaluate from a combined and single console, the outcomes of the search engine marketing campaign across PPC ad networks, web directories, Internet yellow pages, shopping comparison search engines and organic search A Digital Marketing Company
  5. 5. Social Media Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Gone are the days of conventional form of marketing to promote your brand or the business products. With the change in technology various forms of marketing have come in to existence. And one such medium that is creating waves in the market by involving customer directly is the Social media. Characterized into Social media marketing (SMM), social media web site optimization (SMO) and word of mouth marketing (WOMM), they are the synergistic forms of marketing procedures. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Social Media. Social Media Marketing Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Social Media Optimization Social Media Optimization has the same procedure with slightly different targeted websites and areas as the organic search engine optimization is. Social Media Monitoring At IMarks, our social media monitoring team always maintain a record of the online fame of the organization services and products. Facebook Marketing Service Among various social networking sites, Face book is the best platform to advertise your brand. Word Of Mouth Marketing Word of Mouth Marketing is a way of promotion where customers are in power and marketers partake to persuade and hasten the message. Business Blog Marketing Blog is generally defined as social web chronicle or a journal that is online and is often restructured and planned for general populist utilization. Online Reputation Management With the ease in the technology, it has become a one minute drive for anyone to publish either it is negative or positive opinion in review websites, opinion forums and blogs. Audio Podcast Services Audio podcast is primarily defined as a cost effective associated digitally mounting audio-video relay in MP3 file layout. Video Podcast Services A Vodcast or a video podcast is cost effective on require video relay or put on air system, in RSS 2.0 lay out, to which viewers subscribe by means of mobile multimedia gadget, set-top box, media hub or a personal computer. Online PR Audio podcast is primarily defined as a cost effective associated digitally mounting audio-video relay in MP3 file A Digital Marketing Company
  6. 6. Web Development Do you want to start a new brand website for your company? IMarks is leading suppliers of custom made e-commerce sites, innovative strategic design services, Android/iphone native applications, web applications, ecommerce sites and many more. These solutions permit the organizations of all sizes to get the most of it on the enhancing the communications, expanding the brand awareness, new and innovative design trends, social media technology to reach the company aims and goals. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Web Development. Creative Strategic Design Our innovative strategic design services will assist you to spot your business succinct ranking in the industry and assist it with attractive and regular cross media messaging and creative. Promotional Websites At IMarks, we devise and bring up custom sites that go ahead of the conventional visual manifestation and textual information. E-Commerce Websites IMarks has the immense knowledge to get your firm a fresh aim and an interesting and distinctive amalgamation of advertising, innovative, technical and ecommerce consulting skills to employ cutting edge data base determined sites. Flash Websites Flash enabled designers and developers to deliver rich content over the browsers, creating motion, interactivity and an impressive visual experience. Web Hosting and Maintenance Imarks presents you a range of scalable superior quality shared web hosting plans and devoted web servers with assistance for multimedia technology, data base, messaging and electronic commerce. Web Application Development We are leading suppliers of custom made e-commerce sites, innovative strategic design services, Android/ iPhone native applications, web applications and ecommerce sites. Application Integration. Application integration offers real time and end-to-end interlinking system between the off-the-shelf software products, already present web based applications and in house e-business applications. Corporate Intranet and Extranet Corporate web portals and Intranets are transforming the way organizations converse and associate among their own organizations. Web Portal Development We develop corporate Web portal systems for customers depending up on the needs. Social Network Application Development IMarks offers comprehensive services like continuous life cycle management, digital advertising, deployment, expansion, planning, social network application development, desktop widget and web widget services. Web Content Development At IMarks, we have always believed that content can create wonders for a A Digital Marketing Company
  7. 7. Digital Corporate Communication IMarks creates all new impacts in Digital corporate communication. Some of them include corporate branding solutions, creative development, corporate digitals, corporate identity, digital assets development, E magazines, Flash development, print promotion and user interface. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Digital Corporate Communication. Corporate Branding Solutions We at IMarks present you tailored and proficient solutions according to your criterion. Creative Development IMarks offer you 2D and 3D design, Banner ad designs, creative media designs, Email designs, Graphics, images, interactive product demo, multimedia exhibition collateral, video editing services and web template designing. Digital Assets Development We at IMarks, vigorously trust that any brochure, has to send the message about the brand. Marketing collaterals create an enormous lump in the company’s advertising and branding activities. Corporate Identity Corporate identity is the main constituent or attributes that exhibits how the worldwide populace views and understands you resolutely and identifies the kind of communication that you surpass to the consumers and clients. Flash Development IMarks provides tailor made flash intros, flash presentations, Flash website design, Flash banner design services to the clients. We have a dedicated team to supervise your flash projects with the accuracy and the quality. Corporate Digitals Corporate Digital Communication has acquired the crucial significance for the kind of results it has been obtaining in the current era. Print and Promotions Gone are the days where promoting the print has been the cup of tea by the Advertising agencies. With the latest technologies and changes in the IT world and communication system, it has acquired the charisma of being the crucial element for the brand sustainability. E-Magazines E magazine or online magazines allocates some aspects with the online news papers and blog and can be notable by its loom to editorial approach. They are chunk of the WWW and also known as webzines. Graphical User Interface. Our procedure at IMarks gets initiated with a deep research and then summed up by operations, functions and screens when it comes to Graphical User A Digital Marketing Company
  8. 8. Digital Media Placement Online media planning and buying is regularly transforming due to several factors like invention of latest media platforms, sophisticated and latest technology, change from conventional analog procedure to computerized and plan focused, integrated planned activity utilizing digital media. The new era of online media planning and buying, calls for a planned approach to integrated cross-platform marketing, wide expertise of latest media platforms and efficient media buying strategy. These must be assisted as a road map for media placement, cross-channel creative development and media research Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Digital Media Placement. Online Media Planning and Buying Internet or online promotion is regularly transitioning and moving toward the automation and digital-focused strategy. The communicative promoting choices and creative digital online advertising like digital television and radio promotion, video advertising, appropriate focused exhibit form of advertising are being introduced in to the market at a definite speed and is attracting thousands of customers. Social Network Advertising In the era of Digitalization, most of the advertising for the web world is done through social network advertising. We offer you the complete and inclusive social network media planning and buying services that comprises of setting goals, invention, plan, exploration, negotiation, strategy development, accomplishment and management. Display Network Campaign Management Depending up on the Google Display Network, we present an outstanding service display promotion management program. Affiliate Marketing In the process of functioning an affiliate promoting program to enhance the qualified leads or sales, generally the web operator shells out a fee to a merchant for every click through that is produced from the affiliate site. Publisher Ad Management Service The Publisher Ad Management service offers web publishers with an excellent program for promoting, administering and producing the best display advertisements across their website. Email Marketing It is a way of direct promotion that utilizes email as a way to interact with the audience for commercial purpose or to raise funds for an organization. Viral Marketing Our Viral marketing team offers you viral email promoting and viral marketing solutions to every business in relation to the advertising requirements. We provide you tailor made marketing solutions according to your needs at an affordable A Digital Marketing Company
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing & Technology IMarks offer you a wide range of Mobile Marketing at a very effective price. Keeping in mind, the firm competition levels our expertise makes sure to get the best out of every service for your company. We offer Mobile PPC search management, Mobile media planning and buying, website development, mobile application development, SMS/MMS marketing and many more. Below given are the kinds of services that we present to you. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Mobile Marketing & Technology. SMS and MMS Marketing With the cell phone price becoming less, it has been spreading to everyone in the world. It is the easiest and efficient way of advertising that gives excellent output. The market strategists also stand by the SMS marketing as the superior platform to advertise about their products and services. Mobile PPC Search Management The Mobile PPC search promoting is day by day becoming significant for corporations and business that want to meet the potential consumers who step in for services and products through their mobile phones. The power of the mobile platform as a digitally promotion vehicle is large since these days business men and consumers are using the mobile phones for official purposes. Mobile Media Planning and Buying IMarks present you a comprehensive planning and buying services of Mobile Media for mobile display advertising and SMS that is integration with mobile application and mobile search. And the game development and mobile application will assist our consumers integrate mobile promotion in to their already present digital promoting schemes. IMarks mobile media planning and buying service, permits the digital promoters and corporations, businesses and developing businesses to aim the mobile users. We also offer excellent services to already present online advertising and social media campaigns. Mobile Website Development Imarks helps you in all the elements of planning and completing the expansion of a mobile website and let you reach the goal. We assist all small, medium and large enterprises in creating a comprehensive latest mobile web application and also transform the already present desktop web sites. Mobile Application Development We are proud to say that we are equipped with in depth knowledge in building a plethora of technologies from Mobile Application Development to reporting, management systems, CRM tools and custom made web applications. Our knowledge in technology cover object oriented languages, PHP mobile technologies and open source technologies. Our services report the total software development life cycle beginning from business folder assessment to assurance assistance of the A Digital Marketing Company
  10. 10. Conversion Enhancement Conversion improvement programs offer a plethora of solutions The web site conversion improvement programs offer a plethora of solutions for implementation, testing, measuring, and planning web site transitions to improve the leads and online display sales from a website. Traffic is worth nothing to you unless those visitors are compelled to take action on your site. Bring IMarks on your team and turn those visitors into customers. Our conversion enhancement services use proven methodologies to boost your conversion rate – increasing the value of your online presence to your business and allowing you to be more competitive with your marketing dollar. Mentioned below are prominent factors covered under Conversion Enhancement. Web Site Analytics Service Our salient web site analytics services offer an inclusive and planned approach to web site conversion optimization. This service comprises a web site analytics part though landing page optimization and click tracks and multivariate examination. With the rapid usage of online marketing techniques, the Web Analytics tools have become gradually refined. In order to enhance the website overall performance to reach the goals, in-house expertise, data analysis, dedicated set of resources and web analytics implementation are the pillars that can succeed your levels. Landing Page Optimization The Landing page optimization is a latest service for business men and online promoters who want to enhance the return on investment of their site with the help of superior conversions on their landing pages. One of the authoritative and effective tools that can drastically enhance your website profits, online revenues and conversion rates is Landing page optimization service. Web site conversion optimization It is an inclusive high end solution for corporate businesses and companies that are in a plan to redesign their website. This service, that generates the base for an efficient advertising and lead production tool comprises of multivariate examining, continuous website analytics, proto typing, usability consulting, content writing, web site redesign, strategy, analysis before and after redesign. Empower yourself to plug the holes in your website. 1,100 point assessments of your site’s ability to drive the results you A Digital Marketing Company