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Using Linked in to Promote your Business


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Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software!

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Using Linked in to Promote your Business

  1. 1. ==== ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====Most people manage to open a website of their own and stack it up with products and services. Atthe end of the day, the thing that most websites lack is the required traffic that ultimately generatesrevenues for the site. There are many ways of increasing traffic in your site. Some of the methodsare very expensive, while others are relatively cheaper. There are some other methods which donot require any money at all. If they are used properly, they will help you create traffic for your site.One such method is by using the Linkedin. This is very easy to use and gives brilliant results if youcan follow some simple steps. The most basic step to utilize the capability of the Linkedin is byproviding the name and link of your business website in the Website Section of the Linkedin. Thiswill ensure that people visiting your profile will end up visiting your site too.Always keep the status message in the Linkedin updated. There you can write a few words aboutthe things you are working on or about the products and services that you are offering. This willhelp you generate a lot of traffic for your website.Use the blog link widget to the maximum effect. The blog link widget can be easily added to yourLinkedin profile. This blog link automatically displays the latest blog updates and Twitter that hasbeen posted by you. The people visiting your profile will be attracted to your twitter or blog andmay end up visiting your site.You must avoid being a silent member of Linkedin. You need to be active and visit the siteregularly and update your profile too. You also need to join various groups which are relevant toyour field of work. In this way you will increase the visibility of your site and also draw traffic intoyour site. Generally you will be required to apply to a group in order to join it. But try to selectthose groups only which have many members, as that will serve your purpose well.Try to answer some of the questions that have been put forward in the Linkedin website. This is avery easy way to draw traffic into your site.There are many more ways to use Linkedin to help promote your business online. You will bediscovering them, on your own, as you go on using the Linkedin siteBruce Jones is the CEO of the Chicago SEO and internet marketing firm Design & Promotespecializing in getting your business found online using the latest search engine optimization andsocial networking techniques
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====