Tips on Using Linkedin Answers to build a solid reputation


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Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software!

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Tips on Using Linkedin Answers to build a solid reputation

  1. 1. ==== ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====Linkedin provides a powerful feature to allow individuals with business-minded questions to voicethese questions on a public venue for experts to answer. This venue is called Linkedin answers,and it could be the ticket to building your reputation as an expert on the number one professionalnetworking site. Offering advice and displaying your expertise on Linkedin Answers can help youland a job or find clients for your services.So  how do you go about using Linkedin Answers?1. Click "Answers" at the top bar of the Linkedin Answers page. It is the tab furthest to the right.2. On the right side you can browse questions by category. So if you want to position yourself as amarketing expert, pursue questions with a marketing and sales theme around them.3. You will then see a list of questions from your chosen category. Browse through thesequestions, and select a question you wish to answer.4. You can also use "Advanced Search" to find questions that are even more focused on aparticular topic. It lets you search for both the keyword and the category your potential questions fitinto. You can then have more control in finding the kind of questions you want to answer.Remember that Linkedin Answers expects a degree of professionalism and accuracy in youranswers. Anecdotal experiences may be useful for you, but will often be insufficient in proving thesoundness of your answer. This means that you need to give your answer evidence to verify theaccuracy of your answers.You also have to keep in mind that Linkedin Answers works on a keyword basis. Just as you canuse Advanced Search to look for questions via keywords, so too can other Linkedin users useAdvanced Search to look for answers to their questions via keywords. So if you are answering aquestion about labor disputes, make sure that important words from the question itself are found inyour answer.   Last but definitely not the least, you can use Linkedin Answers to direct traffic to your blog orwebsite, especially if the answers you gave are in some way related to what you have previouslydiscussed in your blog. Keep in mind, however, that the objective of putting any link into youranswer is to add some references to the information you have just provided. Blatantly promotingyour blog on Linkedin can and will result in you getting banned from the network. Subtly introduceyour website as a reference and make sure to indicate that it has something to do with the answeryou have provided.
  2. 2. Use Linkedin Answers correctly, and you will steadily find yourself becoming more and moreprominent in the network. As your reputation grows, potential clients, employers and media willfind you and seek you out as an expert on your topic.For more on using Linkedin to build business, see the webinar "Crossing the Bridge from Linkedinto Web Profits - Leon Altman is aco-founder of, a service that helps you build and grow a flexible,profitable web-based business.Article Source: ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====