The Best Way to Use Linkedin


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Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software!

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The Best Way to Use Linkedin

  1. 1. ==== ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====These days, I am constantly amazed at the number of business people I meet every day who donot know how to really use LinkedIn effectively. In America, 80% of employers use LinkedIn to findsuitable candidates for senior vacancies before using any other recruiting tool.What I want to explore in this article is how to really use LinkedIn to grow your business. As abusiness owner, networking is the key to grow your business. This should go beyond simplyexchanging business cards but more importantly to develop relationships and understand how youcan help one another. Once you have developed a number of relationships to a mature level, it istime to start learning how to use LinkedIn.Simply search for LinkedIn on Google and create a free profile following the on screeninstructions. Once you have completed this, you should now click on the "add contact" section andstart to add your business contacts that you have built a relationship with. If they are already onLinkedIn, you will find them accepting you pretty quickly and then the real power comes into play.After you have added all of your contacts, you will then start to discover the power of LinkedIn. Ifyou think about the real world for a second, when we build relationships with people we are givenaccess to their network of contacts. The same applies to LinkedIn, when someone connects withyou they grant you access to their network of contacts.Lets think about how we grow a business in the traditional sense. You research your targetmarket and identify a number of sectors you want to sell your goods and services into. Taking aparticular sector, you then identify a number of businesses you wish to target. The dilemma youare faced now is how to speak to the decision maker within your targeted business.One method is to cold call the company, identify the decision maker and call them to make anappointment. Although this sounds simple, the very idea of picking up the phone terrifies 90% ofthe population, let alone making a cold call. There is another more effective method of makingcontact - LinkedInSo how do we really use LinkedIn to make contact with our decision maker?Lets go back to our research stage, using Linkedin to search for our chosen business targets.This search tool will not only identify the people within the business but it will also identify whethersomebody within your LinkedIn network is connected with them. This means indirectly you havenow identified, without calling anyone, someone within your targeted business is connected toyour network of contacts.Once again picking up the phone but not to your target business, instead, to your contact who is
  2. 2. already connected with them. Your contact already has a relationship with the person and shouldknow how best to make contact with them. I would suggest you ask your contact what would bethe best method to be introduced to them.As you build more and more contacts in the real world and add them to LinkedIn, you will discoverthat this technique becomes more and more powerful. For me, this is how to really use Linkedinand is my preferred method of meeting Managing Directors of businesses without the traditionalbattle of the gatekeepers!This article was brought to you by John ODriscoll, founder of Activ Dudley, your complete onlineguide to Dudley and the surrounding area with local businesses, community events, houses forsale, cars and much more. Visit us now and join in our community http://www.activdudley.comArticle Source:'Driscoll==== ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====