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How to use Linked in to increase your Sales


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Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software!

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How to use Linked in to increase your Sales

  1. 1. ==== ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====Among the many other new social media available to grow your small business, LinkedIn can beone of the most perplexing. By now you probably know that LinkedIn allows you to find potentialemployees and customers based on their interest and experience. But apart from that - how can itactually help your business grow and generate revenue? Here are several methods that will makethe best of use of LinkedIn to help grow your business:1) Understand how the "Degrees of Connection" WorksIt will be impossible to successfully use LinkedIn without understanding their process of attributing"degrees" to your connections with people. A first degree connection - which is the best type ofconnection to have - means that you and the other person agreed to an invitation to be connected.A second-degree connection means they are a connection of your connection. Third degreemeans a connection of your second connection. Obviously, it is important to acquire as many firstand second degree connections as possible on the site.2) Identify Your Target MarketSearch for individuals on LinkedIn based on their interests, their profession, their location, etc. It isnot effective to try to connect to everybody without any reason for why they should accept yourinvitation; you want to try to seek out first and second degree connections and prove to thosepeople that you are someone with whom they want to connect. One way of improving your degreeof connection with an individual could be by reaching out to the company where they work, whichwill also have the effect of showing that company that you personally want to be involved withthem.3) Utilize LinkedIn Answers to Make ConnectionsLinkedIn Answers is a new and growing resource where business owners can ask and answerquestions related to their businesses. The answers are always reliable because you can see howmany answers by subject-matter "experts" have been ranked as "best answers." You can take oneof two strategies here: ask legitimate questions that your business has and try to befriend thosewho answer your questions. Also, you can claim to be a subject-matter expert and help those whohave questions related to your business. For example, if you run a restaurant business, you canhelp those who want to learn about funding a restaurant business, how to find an ideal location toset up the restaurant, etc. Both of these methods might allow you to make first degree connectionswith others on LinkedIn.4) Learn Whos Who at a Given Company
  2. 2. One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that companies who use it regularly are basically giving you amap of whos who at their business. While job titles are helpful, we all know they dont describeeverything. Often by seeing descriptions of peoples work and experience, and by seeing who intheir business is connected to whom, you can learn about the rank of staff members at a givencompany and which person would be the best contact for you.5) Build Up Your Own ReputationEven if it is the internet, having a good reputation online will inevitably eventually reflect on yourreputation as a business-person in real life! And having a good reputation will always reflect uponthe reputation of your business as well. Learn about how LinkedIns recommendation tool works:you can ask coworkers, former bosses, former clients, and more for recommendations and theresulting reputation is visible to those that visit your profile. This can be a good supplement intodays world of job searching - it is not entirely unlikely that potential employers will try to take alook at your LinkedIn account and, if they access your page, they might take this reputation scoreinto account.Like any other social media strategy, be sure that the time and energy you spend investing inLinkedIn is truly having an impact on the success of your business and ultimately causing you togenerate revenue for your business. If you feel like your efforts arent paying off, you may want tolook for another way to invest your time.Need cash for your business? Check out Entrust Cash Advance.Article Source: ====Simplify and Build your Business with this One of a Kind LINKEDIN Software! ====