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Day of europe


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Day of europe

  1. 1.  The day of Europe is celebrated on 9th May in the whole Europe. It is so because in1950 this day was the exact date when the history of the European Union itself wasstarted. A Frenchman Robert Schuman suggested creating a united Europe becauseit was the only way to keep peace. This suggestion, known as Schuman’sdeclaration, was the beginning of the creation which is now called the EuropeanUnion. At the beginning of May the institutions of the EU in Brussels and Strasbourg opentheir doors to the public when celebrating the day of Europe. The EU bureaus inEurope and the whole world organize various events for people of different ages andgroups. Thousands of people celebrate the day of Europe every year: they go to concerts,take part in different excursions, discussions and other events where they can getinformation about the European Union. Europe’s open day is a time to reflect on the EU’s achievements – and look at how tomake it work better for everyone. 
  2. 2.  In Lithuania this day is celebrated in Vilnius and other bigcities with various activities in city squares and processionsalong the main streets. Creative workshops, sports, music,dance and many other actions reflect the solidarity betweengenerations. This year on May 9th Lithuanians could take anexam about Europe where they could check their knowledgeabout European Union. We also have a Street Music Day which was started in 2007by a famous Lithuanian singer and musician AndriusMamontovas. This day almost coincides with the Day ofEurope (it is celebrated May 5th every year)and is a goodstart for the celebrations which achieve their highest pointon May 9th-Day of Europe.
  3. 3.  This year students from our school celebratedthis day by making posters about Europe, itsunity and solidarity.