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SuccessFactors BizX overivew


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SuccessFactors BizX overivew

  1. 1. Using SuccessFactors BizX to drive business results
  2. 2. « 95% of the workforce » does not understandthe company strategy and goals Norton & Kaplan
  3. 3. « 50% of the average workforce’s » capacity is wasted on non-productive work Corporate Strategy Board Research
  4. 4. • How are individual employee goals tied back to the company strategy?• What is the average time to full productivity for new hires?• Can you tell the specific impact turnover has on revenue? Can you answer these questions?
  5. 5. What results can you get,if technology will help you?
  6. 6. 5.4% high-end increase in productivity14% increase in project completion 1% revenue added back to profitSource: 2009 Top 3 Strategy Consulting firm survey of CxO’s at more than 500 Successfactors Customers
  7. 7. SuccessFactors BizXdelivers these results
  8. 8. • 15000+ customers • 15+ million users• Core HR and payroll for • 3500+ customers 79 countries • 34 languages – 168 countries
  9. 9. Why cloud?
  10. 10. Low TCO and fast ROIAverage implementation –less than 90 daysHigh security
  11. 11. Why SuccessFactors?
  12. 12. IDC 2012 Gartner 2011SuccessFactors is proven leader in Talent Management
  13. 13. Who uses SuccessFactors BizX?
  14. 14. What can be donewith SuccessFactors?
  15. 15. Get people working on Find the right people the right things Run the business better and make them great SuccessFactors can help
  16. 16. Goals Performance Workforce Planning Employee Central
  17. 17. Recruiting Compensation Learning Succession Employee Central
  18. 18. Jam Analytics Employee Central
  19. 19. How can we integratethis with your HR-sytem?
  20. 20. SuccessFactors Integration Your HR SystemEmployee Time & Payroll Reporting Data Attendance
  21. 21. Let’s havea detailed look at features
  22. 22. Performance formsCascading goalsTeam calibration360° reviewAnalyticsPerformance and Goals
  23. 23. Recruting PlatformSocial RecruitingCollaborationand recruiting marketing Recruiting
  24. 24. Social Learning and MentoringLearning Management SystemContent-as-a-Serviceand mobile access Learning
  25. 25. Succession planningCareer planningDevelopement planning Succession
  26. 26. KPIs and trends for managersAd-Hoc reportingBenchmarking Analytics
  27. 27. And it is available on mobile devices too
  28. 28. 3500+ customers achieved great business results with SuccessFactors.Strategy Results Align Optimize Accelerate Learn more or contact us at