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SAP HCM Mobile Applications


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SAP HCM Mobile

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SAP HCM Mobile Applications

  1. 1. Mobile Applicationsfor SAP HCM
  2. 2. We got used to work with SAP from our office
  3. 3. But there are business-trips, meetings, etc.
  4. 4. How can we use mobile devices in our work?
  5. 5. We have the following ways to access SAP HR-Specialist Manager EmployeeChannels SAP GUI Portal Personnel Time Talent Workflows Administration Management Management
  6. 6. Now we add one more way to access SAP HR-Specialist Manager EmployeeChannels SAP GUI Portal Mobile Devices Personnel Time Talent Workflows Administration Management Management
  7. 7. What can employees do with mobile devices? Employee Lookup Leave Request Timesheet Travel Receipt CaptureСотрудник Learning Assistant Custom applications ?
  8. 8. What can specialists and managers do with mobile devices? HR Approvals Travel Receipt ApprovalsSpecialist Interview Assistant Learning AssistantManager Custom Applications ?
  9. 9. Employee Lookup
  10. 10. Employee Lookup:• Employee search by name• Adding people to Favorites• Employee Profile• Org.Structure in horizontal mode
  11. 11. Employee Lookup:• Ability to call or send SMS• Ability to send e-mail from the application
  12. 12. Leave Request
  13. 13. Leave Request:• Annual leaves, sick leaves• Absense quotas• Team calendar
  14. 14. Timesheet
  15. 15. Timesheet:• Time entry for employees• Time accounting
  16. 16. Travel Receipt Capture
  17. 17. Travel ReceiptCapture:• Create travel expense entry• Add photo attachments to expense reports• Send reports with attachments
  18. 18. HR Approvals
  19. 19. HR Approvals:• Leave requests approvals• Time entries approvals• Team calendar analysis
  20. 20. Travel Receipt Approvals
  21. 21. Travel ReceiptApprovals:• Receive notifications• View list of approvals• Review details of reports• Approve / reject requests with comments
  22. 22. Manager Insight
  23. 23. Watch detailed employee profiles with compensation and talent info
  24. 24. Review competencies,performance, trainings
  25. 25. Watch HR analytics and dashnboards on your device
  26. 26. Learning Assistant
  27. 27. Search for trainingsand explore the catalogue
  28. 28. Book courses,analyze training calendar
  29. 29. Watch learning content offline
  30. 30. Add event to your device calendar, see the location on the map
  31. 31. SuccessFactorsmobile appication (BizX Mobile)
  32. 32. BizX Mobile Touchbase:• Create tasks for your team members• Track the status of tasksBizX Mobile Jam:• Social Learning Platform• Employee Search, publication of documents, discussions
  33. 33. BizX Mobile OrgChart:• Org. chart• Call, e-mail your colleaguesBizX Mobile Recruiting:• Track requistion requests• Approve or reject candidates
  34. 34. 65%of enterprises are planningto deploy 5 or more mobileapps this year1 SAP and its partners offers easy-to-use mobile apps for your company1. Kelton Research (January 2011).