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HCM Trends and Innovations


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HCM trends and innovations. Slidedeck from SAP Forum 2012 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Speaker - Andrey Kulikov, SAP CIS.

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HCM Trends and Innovations

  1. 1. Human Capital ManagementTrends and InnovationsAndrey Kulikov, SAP HCM Architect, SAP CISApril 2012
  2. 2. SAP HCM containsall functionsof human capital managament
  3. 3. Succession Core HR SAPPerformance Payroll Learning Recruiting
  4. 4. Lots of functions.Where to innovate?
  5. 5. 1 2 3User-friendly Interfaces
  6. 6. Analytics
  7. 7. Mobile Solutions
  8. 8. ?Why ease of useis so important?
  9. 9. System is not only for HR-specialists,but also for managers and employees
  10. 10. That’s why we constantly improve our user interfaces
  11. 11. New interface forexternal candidates*
  12. 12. New manager’s workplace
  13. 13. Improvements inPerformance Management Process (EhP 6)
  14. 14. Talent Review Meeting visualisation, Talent Profiles comparison
  15. 15. Compensation modification from the chart
  16. 16. New Learner Portal
  17. 17. Lots of easy-to-use processes. What is the objective?
  18. 18. Managers need analytical reports to make decisions
  19. 19. Configurable dashboards,available in the MSS Portal
  20. 20. Example of KPIs for Recruiting (EhP6)
  21. 21. All processess,nice analytics – awesome!Can we use it on-the-go?
  22. 22. SAP offers mobile solutions
  23. 23. Learning Assistant
  24. 24. Interview Assistant
  25. 25. Employee Lookup Leave Requests Timesheets Employee Travel Expenses Report HR Approvals Recruiting Assistant Travel ApprovalsHR-Specialist Manager Manager Insight
  26. 26. SAP is complex (servers,implementation, consultants)We have our own Core HR system, but need Talent Management Have you heard about our cloud solution?
  27. 27. Get people working on the Find the right people and Run the business better right things make them great SuccessFactors BizX– our HR cloud solution
  28. 28. • >15000 customers • >3500 customers• Administration and • 34 languages– Payroll for 79 customers from 168 countries countries
  29. 29. Goals Performance Workforce Planning Employee Central
  30. 30. Recruiting Compensation Learning Succession Employee Central
  31. 31. Jam Analytics Employee Central
  32. 32. SuccessFactors also runs on mobile devices
  33. 33. So, let’s sum up HR trends
  34. 34. Business-oriented, cloud, mobile and social systemsMARKET GROWTH Integrated Core and Talent Management systems Traditional Core HR and Payroll Systems TIME
  35. 35. HR-technologies are constantly evolving. SAP keeps on evolving tooto support your business processess.