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My Plate, My pyramid and food guide pyramid


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My Plate, My pyramid and food guide pyramid

  1. 1.  The Food Pyramid, developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), is an excellent tool to help you make healthy food choices. The food pyramid can help you choose from a variety of foods so you get the nutrients you need, and the suggested serving sizes can help you control the amount of calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar or sodium in your diet. Food guide pyramid is a pyramid shaped guide of healthy foods. It divided into sections to show the recommended intake for each food group. The food guide pyramid is to show what the food categories that we need take it adequately, plenty, moderate or less. For plenty intake and moderate have two section which is fruits and vegetables for plenty intake and dairy product and protein is in moderate intake.
  2. 2. Welcome To MyPyramid
  3. 3. MY PLATE ICON My Plate is part of a larger communications initiative based on 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to help consumers make better food choices. My Plate is designed to remind Americans to eat healthfully; it is not intended to change consumer behavior alone. My Plate illustrates the five food groups using a familiar mealtime visual, a place setting.
  4. 4. MY PLATE
  5. 5. Differences & Similarity between my pyramid & my plate
  6. 6. Differences Similarity It’s simpler to  It uses the same 5 food understand. groups and color for each food group. It is easy to understood by kids and adults.  Oils are no longer part of the icon. Names of some food groups have changed which is milk is now dairy, Meat & Beans now change to protein. Physical activity is not represented on the plate.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION For the conclusion, now I already know how to differentiate between food guide pyramid, my pyramid and my plate. The information that I read explained that food guide pyramid is to show the recommended intake for each food group. MyPyramid makes recommendations in seven categories which is grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and beans, oils, optional calories, and physical activity. MyPyramid assumes that people will eat from all food categories but in June 2011, My Plate replaced MyPyramid. The My Plate icon was chosen as an easy way to remind people to be aware of what they put on their plates. My Plate is part of a larger communication initiative to help consumers make better food choices.