Education in south africa


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Education in south africa

  1. 1. Education in Africa By: Iman Fatima
  2. 2. DescriptionIn this post I am going to talk about Education inAfrica. As you all know education in Africa is sopoor, But I am going to show you in this show.
  3. 3. Education SystemIn South Africa, boys and girls are taughtseparately to help them grow andprepare for their own adult roles. Inearly South Africa, the societies includedthings like art, games, festivals and somany other fun stuff.
  4. 4. Proper schools and teachersThe reason African education is so low because oflack of proper schooling and teachers. Manyschools find it hard to employee teachersbecause they think the pay is so low. In someschools in Africa, there are over sized classesand high amounts if students.
  5. 5. Literacy rate
  6. 6. The chart describes the literacy rate in Africa. Itshows that literacy rate in Africa are among thelowest in the world. The chart shows theliteracy rate by country, percent of population.If you look at Mali and some other countries,their literacy rate is among the lowest. Theliteracy rate is so low in some of the places.
  7. 7. Money spent on education in South AfricaThe literacy rate in Africa is so lowbecause it only spend 5.3 of it’s percent oneducation. According to the world it’srank is 46.
  8. 8. Poor education ??? In Africa, There are lots of children with noeducation. I feel so sorry for them. The averageof children out of school for primary school is32 million. The literacy rate in Africa is increasingbecause there are volunteers going from allover the world to help them educate. Somepeople also donate money.
  9. 9. Comparison Women MenMali: 32 percent 44 percentNiger: 28 percent 41 percentAngola: 28 percent 32 percentChad: 47 percent 70 percentBurundi: 48 percent 59 percent
  10. 10. Ways to increase education!!!• We can increase education by donating money.• We can visit Africa and can teach them ourselves.• We can also donate other things like: laptops, desktops ext.• Help the adults by teaching them and then they can teach the children.• Teach the women then only the literacy rate in Africa will go higher• Support the programs that help people in their education.
  11. 11. These are some of the countries in Africa thathave so poor literacy rate. If these rates don’tget better, the literacy rate of whole countrywon’t get better. Africa doesn’t have goodliteracy rate because the women are not literateenough.
  12. 12. I hope you enjoyed mypresentation !!!!!
  13. 13. References !!• Wikipedia• Google images• Literacy rate in Africa• Education spending