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Campaign For God


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God , calls , the creation around us, love

Published in: Spiritual
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Campaign For God

  1. 1. Hi! The following advertisements are from a press campaign by the church of Singapore. I hope you like them …
  2. 2. Please, do not drink when you drive. You are not ready to see me yet. God.
  3. 3. Can you imagine what air would cost, if someone else provided it? God
  4. 4. What do i have to do to get your attention? Put an ad. In the paper? God
  5. 5. Earth people, do not treat me like a marcian. God
  6. 6. I thought about making the world black and white. But then I said ... n a a a h ! God
  7. 7. If you missed the dawn that I made for you today, it does not matter. I will make you another tomorrow. God
  8. 8. How can you be a self-made-man? I remember perfectly, making you. God
  9. 9. If you think Gioconda is amazing, you should see my master piece. In the mirror. God
  10. 10. Do not forget your umbrella. I have to water the plants. God
  11. 11. In my opinion, you are the most beautiful creature in the world OK, I’m biased. God
  12. 12. Come to my house on Sunday, before the game. God
  13. 13. Come and bring the children. God
  14. 14. What part of “You should not ...” do’nt you understand? God
  15. 15. We need to talk. God
  16. 16. I love weddings, invite me to yours. God
  17. 17. This “Love thy neighbour”... I meant it. God Al Mendoza
  18. 18. I love you, and you, and you, and you, and you ... God
  19. 19. The road you choose ... Will you take me with you? God
  20. 20. Follow me. God
  21. 21. Have you read by best seller? It’s quite a challenge. God. … and when you want to know what God wants to say … R ead The Bible
  22. 22. With pleasure I will carry your cross, come God.
  23. 23. You are not alone, you have me God.
  24. 24. Trust in me God.
  25. 25. I want the best gift, for you God. Al Mendoza
  26. 26. Put yourself in my hands and watch God. Al Mendoza
  27. 27. I am looking for you, answer me God.
  28. 28. Do’nt drop me. God. Al Mendoza I hope you share this mesage, … God bless you.