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Pedicab / Cargo Bike for Bike Sharing


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An idea to help implementing Bike Sharing System in Indonesian cities by using pedicab.

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Pedicab / Cargo Bike for Bike Sharing

  1. 1. Pedicab / Cargo Bike for Bike Sharing by Imam Wiratmadja
  2. 2. Background 0 Cities all over the world have took the advantages of bike sharing 0 In Indonesia, Bike Sharing has yet to be fully implemented 0 Possible problems and challenges requires local insight to be understood
  3. 3. Problems In Implementing Bike Sharing 0 Apparent conflict with other last-mile transportation mode: ojek 0 Not everybody feels it’s comfortable enough to cycle 0 Not everybody feels it’s proper for them to cycle
  4. 4. Ensure the Bike Sharing’s sustaining operation : 0 How to make it secure from theft 0 How to ensure significant user base & frequent usage 0 How to make it attractive as advertising medium
  5. 5. IDEA Ojek + Bike Sharing, by using Pedicab / Cargo Bike
  6. 6. How it works 0 Citizen who intended to go from A to B come to the docking station 0 If he is a registered member and willing to bike, he can assign the bike by himself to carry friends / family 0 He can choose to hire a driver (who are being around the docking station, like ojek) to drive the pedicab 0 Like common Bike Sharing scheme, if the pedicab returned to any docking station within 30 minutes, the charge is very low / free 0 Assigning & returning the pedicab can be done by the driver or by the passanger if he is registered
  7. 7. Advantages of Pedicab/ Cargo Bike
  8. 8. Multi-passenger / Cargo Capacity
  9. 9. More surface for ad display
  10. 10. Less easy to be stolen
  11. 11. Ensured Frequent User
  12. 12. Advantage over Privately Owned Pedicab / Cargo Bike 0 More ordered & coordinated 0 Ensure better maintenance 0 Less investment for driver 0 Free to choose to ride it yourself
  13. 13. Challenges 0 Regulation 0 Member registration 0 Wide dimension to take on the roads 0 Transporting units to even the distribution 0 More expensive unit
  14. 14. Alternative Pedicab Design Three-wheeled Cargo Bike Two-wheeled Longjohn