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ICT Assignment


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group work is a media of teaching and learning English

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ICT Assignment

  1. 1. Interactive language teaching through group work Presented by : IMAM FAUZI
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In the first chapter we will discover the more explanation about Group Work In the second chapter will try to explain about the material of study
  3. 3. Chapter 1 The explanation of group work In conducting the study activity, the teachers are demanded to create the more active, interactive, and effective class. Group Work is one of the way that the teachers can apply in language classroom.
  4. 4. In general the group work is similar to small group. There are some advantages of group work: - It increases the amount of talking for individual students. - there will be more than two people and also a greater chance for students to share
  5. 5. -It encourages the broader skills of cooperation and negotiation. -It promotes learner autonomy by allowing students to make their own decisions -The students are required to be more active to work together in their own group.
  6. 6. In this chapter, I would like to show you there some possible material that can be discussed in the group discussion. Chapter 2 The material of study
  7. 7. METAL MAN...!!!
  8. 8. PERSIJA NEVER DIES….!!!!
  9. 9. For further study, we can watch the video lesson that describes the group work activity, please click right here…!
  10. 10. Conclusion The students will be able to discuss some pictures or any topics that they want to with their group collaboratively, in case, The first purpose of group Work is giving more opportunities for the students to speak.