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Proposal internship final


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Proposal internship final

  1. 1. GENERAL BANKING SYSTEM OF NCC BANK LTD 1. Introduction1.1. Title of the StudyGeneral Banking of National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCBL)1.2 Profile of the OrganizationBanking structure is changing day by day and the far-reaching program of economic reform iscarried out towards efficient utilization of scarce resources and the development of privateentrepreneurship. Competition is strengthened by the entry of new and innovative providers offinancial services through the development of Money Market and Capital Market. Under theongoing financial liberalization program, the NCC Bank Ltd emerged as a fast growing leadingand prominent bank in the private sector to operate on the commercial arena of Bangladesh. Thebank has been sponsored by a group of renowned personalities from the field of trade, commerceand industries including some eminent entrepreneur. Highly skilled professionals having wideexperience in domestic and international banking manage the bank. The NCC Bank Ltd hasalready occupied a challenging position among its competitors after achieving success in allareas of banking operation. It offers all kind of commercial, corporate and personal bankingservices covering almost all segments of the society. To serve the customers through capacitybuilding across multi delivery channel is one of the main strategies of the NCCBL. The bank isgradually expanding branch for coming nearer to its customers for providing various convenientservices. Thus, in the local market the operation of the NCCBL is highly appreciated for itscustomer oriented focus.1.3 Rationale of the Study  To know the in’s and out’s of General banking.  We know that in whatever career we are in, we need to do banking transactions in one way or the other. So knowing more about general banking will help me in knowing my banking transactions better than usual.  When I start my career in any organization I need to go through banking transactions, knowing more about General Banking helps me to do transactions logically and smoothly because of the knowledge I have gained and its various aspects.  My report on General Banking will help students who would want to do an internship on General Banking or can be a help to the students of the course Banking.
  2. 2. GENERAL BANKING SYSTEM OF NCC BANK LTD  I will also be able to suggest my friends & family to do better transactions with the bank from now on & as business organization belong the the society, friends & family can benefit those organizations by doing banking transactions faster and error free2. Statement of the ProblemI had to face a lot of problems during the making of this report. When preparing the report I havefaced the following problems. 3 months or 12 weeks given time is not enough to understand the overall General Banking operations of a commercial bank. I have no experience in making a internship report, so this is one of the main constrains of the study. Bank’s Policy of not disclosing sensitive data for some obvious reasons are also a major problem. The banks officials are often busy with the pressure of work as it the regional head office is also considered a problem when making this report.3.0 Scope of the StudyThis report has been prepared through extensive discussion with the bank employees, clients andofficers and on the information gathered from the annual report, prospectus and the website ofNational Credit & Commerce Bank Limited, Agrabad branch. I have got the great opportunity tohave an in-depth knowledge of the General Banking system of NCCBL. The scope of this reportis not only limited to the General Banking system.
  3. 3. GENERAL BANKING SYSTEM OF NCC BANK LTD4.0 Objectives of the Study:Every task has a particular aim. A study without objectives cannot reach the destination. Myinternship program was also directed to some particular targets. The main objective of this studyis “The General banking Procedures of NCC Bank Limited”. For searching the overall customerrelated job I had to find out the general Banking procedure at this branch.So the objectives of the study conducted in the NCC Bank Limited are mentioned below:  To know about the general banking system of NCCBL.  To identify the problems of general banking of the bank.  To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical filed.5.0 Methodology of the studyFrom my educational background I have learned different methodology in Business & Marketingresearch process. So, in this study I had the opportunity to implicate my education knowledge inpractical field.Data Collection:In this report both primary and secondary data are collected.Primary Sources of data:1. Personal interview – Face-to-Face conversation and in depth interview with the respectiveofficers of the branch.2. Observation – Observing the procedure of banking activities followed by each department. Secondary Sources of data:3. Relevant documents related to the study as provided by the officers.4. Annual report (2010 & 2011) National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCBL)5. Circulars Published by Bangladesh Bank.
  4. 4. GENERAL BANKING SYSTEM OF NCC BANK LTD6. Different publication regarding Banking function.7. Websites of the bank is also used as major sources. 6. Time line of Activates:For the fulfillment of the desired purpose following working days are spend to variousdepartment: