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Spring one pivotal


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Running MongoDB on Pivotal Cloud Foundry using Bosh 2.0 with on-demand dynamic provisioning

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Spring one pivotal

  1. 1. Transforming How the World Builds Software Mallika Iyer Principal Software Engineer Global Ecosystem Engineering @ Pivotal @cloudfoundryart
  2. 2. •  The next 25 minutes… •  What is Pivotal Cloud Foundry? •  How can I run MongoDB on Pivotal Cloud Foundry? •  Demo •  Q/A
  3. 3. What is Pivotal Cloud Foundry?
  4. 4. Cloud Foundry Haiku “Here is my source code Run it on the cloud for me I do not care how” -Onsi Fakhouri
  5. 5. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is… •  Based on Cloud Foundry – the leading Open Source Platform-as-a-service •  Enterprise-ready, cloud-native •  Language , framework and IaaS agnostic •  Manages VMs and containers •  Orchestrates applications and data services •  Horizontal ,vertical and auto scaling
  6. 6. Cloud Foundry Services Haiku “Here is my (legacy/non-cloud-native) data service Run it on the cloud for me I do not care how”
  7. 7. Running MongoDB on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  8. 8. Let’s go through some definitions •  Service Broker – is the component of the service that implements the service broker API •  Service Broker API – The API that must be implemented to integrate a service with Cloud Foundry •  Cloud Controller – provides the REST API endpoints for clients to access the system, and maintains a database (CCDB) with tables for orgs, spaces, services, user roles, etc. •  Router – routes the traffic coming into Cloud Foundry to the appropriate component
  9. 9. Bosh 2.0 •  Bosh 2.0 – Cloud Foundry orchestration layer that does •  Advanced real-time dynamic provisioning and deployment of software over hundred's of VM’s •  Release engineering •  Deployment •  Lifecycle management •  Monitoring •  Failure recovery •  Software updates with zero-to-minimal downtime •  Which means – legacy, NoSQL and non-cloud native databases, like MongoDB can now run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  10. 10. Why On Demand Dynamic Provisioning? -  Leverages Bosh 2.0 to dynamically provision a MongoDB-Cluster on demand -  Leverages Bosh Links by making the Bosh Director* responsible for IP management *Core orchestrating component of Bosh, controlling the VM creation, deployment, other s/w and lifecycle events
  11. 11. > cf marketplace > cf create- service > cf bind- service > cf unbind- service > cf delete- service CCDB Service Broker Service Plans (single node, single- replica-set, sharded, etc...) IaaS Services APIRouter Cloud Controller Fetch Catalog Provision De-Provision Create Binding Delete Binding On Demand VM Creation… VM Deletion... The On-Demand Service Broker Workflow
  12. 12. MongoDB - On Demand Service as a Pivotal Cloud FoundryTile -  Pivotal Cloud Foundry / Bosh 2.0 to leverage on-demand dynamic service provisioning + -  MongoDb Enterprise Ops Manager for the cluster configuration and monitoring capabilities
  13. 13. MongoDB - On Demand Service as a Pivotal Cloud FoundryTile -  Provision the IAAS resources during service instance creation -  Everything packaged into a “tile” that runs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry on any IAAS
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. Let’s build something great