winning proposal for marlboro december 2010 event


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grand event concept developed in mid-2009 for marlboro's branding initiatives. lack of access to advertisement requires the company to be more creative in their marketing. plans include engagement of bloggers and other social media evangelists.

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winning proposal for marlboro december 2010 event

  1. 1. Marlboro XMatchstick Mindscreativecorps
  2. 2. The Marlboro Experience TMX Proposed Event 2010TMX: The Marlboro Experience • Paying homage to the tradition. • Guests are made to feel valued; • Valuing history and learning from • A sense of connection and luxury; the past. • An exclusive and intimate event; • A grand event to meet the first • Held twice: 2008 and 2009. new decade of the millennium and to present the Marlboro Man as he adapts and evolves to meet the challenges of an ever- changing landscape.
  3. 3. Marlboro X: An Evolution of Experience• The evolution of the Marlboro Man.• A Journey - to see how far we have come and how far can we still go.• Evolution is the key to survival and success.
  4. 4. Marlboro Free Running X Labyrinth• Freedom, no limits, ability to • A journey fraught with face and overcome challenging obstacles and opportunities. terrain.• An evolution in movement. • Life is one big obstacle course. • The journey of Marlboro has been one big amazing maze.
  5. 5. Marlboro X The Invitation The Elements • A classy reusable wood veneer packaging hot-stamped with the Marlboro X logo, • A metallic collectible miniature maze, • An invitation with a catchy phrase and cryptic message to intrigue the recipients.
  6. 6. Marlboro X Pick-up Point Tokens• Sexy Marlboro ushers welcome the guests.• A host greets and gives guests a teaser of what to expect.• Guests will be ushered to a sit-down dinner.• Symbolic tokens will be given: casino chips, mug, perfume, lighter, camera.• Guests will be escorted and shuttled to Ground X.
  7. 7. Marlboro Ground X X The LED Labyrinth• Drop off at the red carpet, a few meters away from Ground X
  8. 8. Marlboro X The LED Labyrinth• A simple maze that traces the history and accomplishments of Marlboro.• The maze is intended to be an exhibit of Marlboro through the years.• LED displays of iconic images of Marlboro:• History, past marketing campaigns, popular events/races, influences on pop culture, images of famous smokers, interesting tidbits about Marlboro.
  9. 9. X Rooms Danish Theater Red Windmill• Vegas Theme • Burlesque Theme• Has various types of casino • Performance: Classy and games (slot machine, roulette, elegant pole dancing etc.)• Performance: Vegas Show Girls
  10. 10. X Rooms Virtual Intoxication The Wild West• Theme: Futuristic• Performance: Ledge Dancers, • Theme: Western Saloon Bartenders • Lounge atmosphere• Open bar • Marlboro Museum: Displays on how the cigarette is made, the leaves used to create its unique taste, etc.
  11. 11. Marlboro X Sequence Stage Design • Stage opens with big dance• LED will suddenly display production number. countdown to lights out and • Host introduces presentation. reveal. • AVP: Evolution of the Marlboro• LED walls open up to reveal Man and Evolution of Marlboro viewing area and stage setup. Challenges/Adventures • Reveal of the latert evolution of Marlboro Man with the grand entrance of the Free Runners.
  12. 12. Ground X Floor Plan
  13. 13. Marlboro X The Grand Finale• Free Runners are revealed in a surprise, Michael Jackson-type entrance:• Free Runners will present an exhibition, interacting with the live LED display in a choreographed number;• Exhibition ends with Free Runners seemingly disappearing into the giant LED screen;• Screen blacks out and lights are turned off;• Event ends with massive pyrotechnics and light show.
  14. 14. Marlboro X LED Light Show Mementos • Exclusive pilot with embroidery and serial; • Special edition Swiss Army Knife with USB; • Marlboro Man Action Figure with serial.
  15. 15. The Marlboro XChallengeThe Run of the Urban Cowboys Objectives • The Free Running Competition – symbolic of the • Preserve the tradition of the evolution of the Marlboro Man Marlboro Adventure. • Drumbeat for the grand Marlboro X event. • Redefine the new face of the Marlboro Man. • Establish the concept on the Marlboro Man as someone who transcends the limits of time, space, and culture. • Render him with a personality that can inspire people.
  16. 16. Marlboro X: Free Running Competition Casting Competition• Invite free runners from different • City landmarks will be used as organizations to participate. venues of competition.• Choose 40 participants to be divided • Competition will make use of into 10 teams. natural and artificial landscape.• Teams will compete in 8 key cities. • Each team will prepare a 5-min• One team gets eliminated per city. exhibition and will be judged• Three teams will win 3rd, 2nd, and 1st according to form, difficulty and place. choreography. • Team with lowest score gets eliminated.
  17. 17. Marlboro X Year-long Event• Seminars on Free Running as symbolic of the evolution of the Marlboro Man.• Traveling maze museum of Marlboro.• Smaller versions of the Ground X party.
  18. 18. Matchstick Mindscreativecorps fin