Branding & Spec Ad Campaign for Centuria Medical Center


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A spec ad for a state of the art outpatient medical facility/day surgery center

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Branding & Spec Ad Campaign for Centuria Medical Center

  1. 1. A. The Brief 1. Context 2. StrategyB. The Campaigns 1. Positioning 2. Executions
  2. 2. Or why hospitals are not as healthyas you think.
  3. 3. When it comes to life & health,patients can only be patient for so long…
  4. 4. It’s time to transform the healthcareexperience.Day Surgery Center (DSC)Healthcare facility that delivers medicalcare without the need for hospitaladmission.
  5. 5. 70% of all surgical procedures are now donein day surgery centers using minimallyinvasive surgical techniques. Advanced healthcare sans the wait & risks associated with hospital stay.
  6. 6. Procedures currently possible with DSCscosmetic & facial surgery centersendoscopy centersdental surgery centersophthalmology practiceslaser eye surgery centerscenters for oral & maxillofacial surgeryorthopedic surgery centersplastic surgery centerspodiatry clinicsmulti-specialty surgery centersA list that can only get longer.
  7. 7. Surgeons & patients prefer DSCs for several reasons:CostIn many cases, an outpatient procedure done in a DSC costsbetween 1/3 & ½ as much as the same procedure done in ahospital.ConvenienceThere is much less paperwork & "red tape" at a day surgerycenter compared to the admissions process at most hospitals.Patients also like the fact that they can “go back to life”quickly after surgery.Closeness to family & friendsPatients, children especially, prefer to recover at homebeside loved ones & friends.
  8. 8. Greater efficiencyThis advantage is particularly important to surgeons. Ittakes much less time to prepare an operating room in aspecialized DSC for the next patient than in a standardhospital. Improved efficiency allows the surgeon to treatmore patients in the same amount of time than he or shewould be able to do in a hospital; some surgeons maintainthat they can do three times the number of procedures in anDSC as they could in a hospital setting.Greater control over procedures & standardsMany doctors prefer working in an DSC because they can setthe standards for staffing, safety procedures, postoperativecare , etc., rather than having these things decided forthem by the hospital.
  9. 9. The Default FutureOutpatient visits to freestanding centers increasedthree-fold from 1996 to 2006.From 2009 to 2011, DSC procedures grew at a rate of8.74%. As technology enables greater autonomy of treatmentfrom hospitalization, some US agencies are proposing to shift the default settings of healthcare to DSC.
  10. 10. quality at less cost attention to care precision medicine proactive practice
  11. 11. Commander’s IntentCommunicate that Centuria is introducing adisruptive & sustainable concept in healthcare & that it is the place to be foroutpatient medical practitioners.
  12. 12. A. The Brief 1. Context 2. StrategyB. The 3 Proposed Campaigns 1. Positioning 2. Executions
  13. 13. I. Strategic PositioningBy amplifying the salient differencesof a day care surgery center from ahospital, Centuria positions itselfas the unhospital.
  14. 14. CenturiaYour first line of defense.Patients go to hospitals totreat illnesses, people go toCenturia to stay healthy.
  15. 15. Hospitals should be your last resort.Defend yourself with Centuria.Your first line of defense against hospitals.
  16. 16. II. Strategic PositioningBy leveraging the technology andfeatures of outpatient care, CMMpositions itself as a disruptive forcein healthcare, changing people’sexpectations and experiences.
  17. 17. CenturiaIt’s time we change theconversation abouthealthcare.Century Properties takes an active role inpromoting excellence in medical practice bybuilding an essential platform for doctors to takefull ownership and control of their practice, andin the process introduce improvements in patientcare.CMM will provide an environment where doctors arefreed from extraneous concerns and thus able tofocus on what matters most in their vocation - thepatient.
  18. 18. III. Strategic PositioningBy leveraging the benefits of outpatientcare, CMM positions itself as top of mind forpreventive & elective medical procedures.This proposition, while addressing patients,will make doctors realize the attractivenessof the CMM concept.
  19. 19. CenturiaTreat Yourself.A campaign that empowers people to takecontrol of their health by celebrating thepowers of the inviduals. This is all abouthow preventive health enables a greaterquality of life and heightens ourenjoyment of everyday living.
  20. 20. Discover life in high definition.Treat Yourself.See your Eye Doctor. Centuria Medical Makati
  21. 21. Keep the powerto dance to your own drum.Treat Yourself.See your Phsyiotherapist. Centuria Medical Makati
  22. 22. Lose the ability to lookbad in photographs.Treat Yourself.See your Dentist. Centuria Medical Makati
  23. 23. Never remain unnoticed.Treat Yourself.See your Dermatologist. Centuria Medical Makati
  24. 24. They’re harder to replace than to keep.Treat Yourself.See your Doctor. Centuria Medical Makati
  25. 25.