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Alsayegh Media Communications Campaign

A SPEC communications plan made in 2010

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Alsayegh Media Communications Campaign

  1. 1. dada |
  2. 2. Alsayegh Media is the first full service media agency in the Gulf Region, owned andoperated by a recognized media expert from the region.Our company straddles the crossroad of opportunities with an uncompromisingappreciation of its heritage and fresh aesthetics of a digital world. This fusion allows usto offer solutions that are strategic, aspirational and positively disruptive.
  3. 3. We target organizations and individuals looking to refine their brand strategy and thecommunication initiatives needed to send that message to the public. Specifically, we provideexpertise in traditional and digital media for a strategic, creative, and integrated marketing plan.Our clients are forward-looking organizations who need the creativity and breadth of a bigagency and the nimbleness and enthusiasm of start-ups. These people appreciate authenticity,imagination and insight, and are innovators with far-sighted vision.Our clients are afraid of inertia more than anything else.
  4. 4.  Entering a very competitive market where big agencies have longestablished a following Zero brand awareness Company’s capabilities & USP have not been properly communicated Some negative misconceptions may exist about the company’sbackground
  5. 5.  Generate buzz about the company’s entry into the creative marketplace Differentiate and brand on dimensions of message, delivery, and engagement Establish a strong digital presence - develop a community for creative Filipinosfrom which the company can generate authentic insights and make responsiverecommendations. Use this platform to engage the online community throughcrowdsourcing. This initiative gives credence to the company’s proposition.
  6. 6. deliveranceRecognize Alsayegh Media’s entry into the creative marketplace by running acredentials campaign that positions Alsayegh Media as the creative agency“that delivers” - that gets the message and delivers it right.Proposition: It’s all about the delivery.Goal: Create a “deliver” moment and movement.
  7. 7.  Capitalize on the bloated, often indifferent stance of big agencies and offermore responsive marketing campaigns. Strategy of proof: our team delivers it right. “AM delivers.” Establish the brand as a leader in crowdsourcing. This will form an integralpart of how Alsayegh Media delivers the message right.
  8. 8. execution: “Oops. Wrong send.” (OOH, print, digital, PR)rationale: In Asia, the Philippines is the top user of mobile text services The sentence is acommon (although gramatically wrong) expression to indicate that the wrong message has beensent to the right person and vice-versa. This is an effective metaphor for the industry – in bothcases, the consequences may be dire for brands and companies if we don’t deliver it right.This copy also positions Alsayegh Media as a foreign company that truly understands andappreciates the Filipino psyche – an appealing concept to Filipinos. Moreover, the use oftechnology to highlight human relations is a rich material for further campaigns.
  9. 9. Print and OOH materials can depict humurous and biting situations that show thepains/risks of sending the wrong message or to the wrong person. Tone and visualsshould be witty and funny because Filipinos digest things better with humor.Take note that all materials and executions brand the company and testify to itscapabilities – so deliver it right.
  10. 10. For digital, buzz can be created by engaging the online population to send in their funniest orworst case “wrong send” scenarios – most likes on facebook wins. Video and photo contests canalso be launched. Authoritative bloggers will also be engaged. PR articles about “delivering itright” will also be syndicated.mother site & microsite - An unbranded “wrong send” or “deliver it right” microsite will link tothe main Alsayegh Media site. A main feature of the mother site would be a crowdsourcing –allowing the audience to participate in the generation of ideas – because only through authenticconversations do we get the message and the delivery right.
  11. 11. hushFor activation, a silent movie or mime theme can be used. Invites may have the text “wrong send”in front, but inside it says something like – “no, this is not a wrong send letter... this means that youare the right person and that you have been invited to the exclusive Hush event.”As the event starts, the audience will be asked to hush for a certain period of time - a countdownto break the silence will be the main event of the show. “No to wrong sends” will be the rally cry.
  12. 12. the desert is ever shifting…ever in pursuit of what’s next…it is disruptive, it is creativeit is fertile with possibilitiesa land unbarren