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Classical Series


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Classical Series

  1. 1. Classical Series Visit the website for stories:
  2. 2. Process shots: Two coats of black are initially fired on each side of the piece First coat sifted w/ opalescent white Second step: scratched (sgraffito) First coat fired Second coat painted with fine enamel Second coat fired Third coat painted Final Firing
  3. 3. Dionysus Click here for the story:
  4. 4. Nereus Click here for the story:
  5. 5. Cassandra Click here for the story:
  6. 6. Musician Click here for the story:
  7. 7. aNIMALS
  8. 8. Eos kidnaps Tithonis Click here for the story:
  9. 9. Visit my website and blog for more information and stories from mythology about the animals, the greeks and the art of enameling