Social Media From Girl Scout Cookies


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All I needed to know about Social Media, I learned from Girl Scout Cookies! [excerpt from a Social Media training by @imagirlscout - note that licensed Girl Scout fonts will not appear correctly]

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  • And it brings us to another practical question … How do you share things so that people can find you and hear you and maybe even listen? You’ve got these tools, now what do you do with them? Let’s bring in the cookies to help us focus. It’s about time for ANOTHER mid afternoon snack, right? [If you’re a diligent note taker and outliner, you’ll notice I’ve skipped “policy” in our list of decisions you’ll be able to make. Don’t worry – I didn’t forget! We’ll touch on it briefly
  • (slide text) … We’re going to use Twitter as an example because it is concise and can give us a model for what to do with a variety of other tools as well.
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • Wicked Fans, anyone?
  • (slide text) … We’re going to use Twitter as an example because it is concise and can give us a model for what to do with a variety of other tools as well.
  • Social Media From Girl Scout Cookies

    1. 1. All I needed to knowabout Social MediaI learned from <br />Girl ScoutCookies!<br />Girl ScoutCookies!<br />Girl ScoutCookies!<br />
    2. 2. A Little Cookie Told Me …<br /><ul><li>I could discover ____________________.
    3. 3. I could connect with ____________________.
    4. 4. I could encourage others to take action by ___________________.</li></ul>What are your Social Media wishes? <br />Cookies can make them come true!<br />
    5. 5. Popular … It’s all about popular!<br />Thin Mints are the most popular cookie. They carry great influence, causing rational adults to screamand chase down little girls (yes – I have witnessed this). People chase what is popular!<br /><ul><li>Leverage Popularity
    6. 6. Trending Topics
    7. 7. Search For Your Expertise
    8. 8. Discussions & Professionals
    9. 9. LISTEN! (Tip: Monitor With A “Dashboard”)
    10. 10.</li></li></ul><li>Tagalong with me!<br />Ride the coattails … stick like glue … find interesting and influential people and follow them (yes – they like that kind of thing)! Find topics and add your voice. That’s what it’s all about!<br /><ul><li>Follow People
    11. 11. Use #Hashtags
    12. 12. Ask Questions
    13. 13. LEARN! (Tip: “ReTweet” what you learn)
    14. 14. ANY topic of interest
    15. 15. Share the love & build relationships</li></li></ul><li>I want SAMOA!<br />We all want some more when it’s a good thing. You want samoa … I want samoa … We all want samoa!<br /><ul><li>Tease A Little
    16. 16. Engage
    17. 17. Make Them Want To Know “SAMOA!”
    18. 18. Educate
    19. 19. Be A Resource
    20. 20. SHARE! </li></li></ul><li>Culture … Don’t eat it, talk about it!<br />Trefoils are the classic Girl Scout Cookie … enduring, historic, symbolic … it is unique and carries the mark of Girl Scouting. It’s literally branded with its culture.<br /><ul><li>Share Your Culture
    21. 21. Your “Common” is Another’s Revelation
    22. 22. Have a @Handle
    23. 23. Be YOU
    24. 24. Be a BRAND
    25. 25. BE UNIQUE!</li></li></ul><li>Do-si-do … Swing your partner round & round!<br />This rugged little cookie might look unassuming, but it makes the wheels of Social Media turn.<br />Join the conversation. Dance a little. It’s OK. This dance of words is the momentum that builds real relationships. It’s a circle of respect … start at the top, repeat, round and round and round we go!<br /><ul><li>Talk
    26. 26. Listen
    27. 27. RESPOND!
    28. 28. The quickest way to LOSE a following is to neglect responding.</li></li></ul><li>Take me away …<br />Lemon Chalet Cremes are a dreamy little cookie with a picture of “Our Chalet” … this is one of the Girl Scout World Centers and is located in Switzerland. One taste and it can transport you to another world.<br /><ul><li>Take People Somewhere
    29. 29. Share a Picture
    30. 30. Share an Experience
    31. 31. LINK! LINK! LINK! (Tip: shorten URLs)
    32. 32. You only have 140 characters, keep links short
    33. 33. Leave room for retweets! Let it travel again!</li></li></ul><li>RABBIT TRAIL!<br />QR Codes<br />Fun little ways to bring Social Media to print and mobile devices!<br />QR Code Generators<br />Tweet.Visit a Website.Text. Call. Map. Email.Create an Event.Create a vCard.<br />My favorite?<br /><br />
    34. 34. Leverage Popularity<br />Tag along!<br />Leave them wanting SAMOA!<br />Culture<br /> Conversation<br />Take them somewhere<br />
    35. 35. Three Wishes …<br /><ul><li>I wish I could discover ____________________.
    36. 36. I wish I could connect with ____________________.
    37. 37. I wish I could encourage others to take action by ___________________.</li></ul>Take a moment to write these down. <br />It’s the start of your Social Media strategy!<br />
    38. 38. Ingrid Williams<br />Chief Communications Officer<br />Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma<br /> • @imagirlscout<br />