Offline Enterprise and Web Apps: Dekoh Approach


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Offline Enterprise and Web Apps: Dekoh Approach

  1. 1. Offline Enterprise and Web Apps:The Dekoh Approach OfflinersOffline mode lets users browse documents; use application and access » Applications that run in environmentsthe information that is traditionally available on central servers at one where there is poor net connectivitylocation. Offline systems fetch data locally when the connection to the » Selective offline information for roaming users. Example: sales agents visiting acentral server is not available and allow users to use and modify remote client location who needs productinformation. When the connection to the central system is available all information relevant for those clients.the changes will be merged with the central system. Likewise, a billing agent who carries to customers their billing information.While this is useful in various scenarios, its not available out-of-box for » Complete offline setup for large businessapplications that assume that you will be saving information to central operations. Example: CIO who needs toservers. Developers have to work to make web-based applications generate business intelligence reports offusable when not connected to the web. This means that applications will the system during travelneed to be able to verify whether connectivity with the server exists, » Keep systems going duringand, if not, store information locally and when connectivity is downtimes/server maintenance, Example: For 24x7 mission critical business units,established, transparently save this information on the server. keep offline access available to ensure business continuity. » Pushing information and keeping remote Learn how you can integrate and increase value. Bundle Dekoh and make kiosks in sync, both for application data your applications available offline to users. Visit and for application updates.
  2. 2. OFFLINEWHATSDEKOH Dekoh Offline is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline ABOUT capability for web apps. Developers can build sync ecosystems that integrate web applications, any type of data, using HTTP/any protocol over networks. You can: » Add sync support to new and existing applications and services » Enable collaboration and offline capabilities for any application » Roam and share information from any data store, over any protocol, and over any network configuration » Leverage sync capabilities available in Dekoh to create sync ecosystemsUSE CASES Wide deployments: need components Offline Access: all the Demo and Sales » Extend architecture to support that need to be Kiosk Solutions: no roaming profile users Scenarios with custom data types automatically separate software should be able to application made » Use multiple platforms based on deployed on to all or solution need to access the LOB available on hand web standards the desktops spread run same central application when they held for roaming across the world app on all kiosks. are remote profile users. » Enable peer-to-peer collaboration