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Imaginea Service Sheet - Silverlight

  1. 1. imaginea service sheet Imaginea’s Silverlight™ Expertise for Rich Web-applications Silver-lining for Worries Clouding your Web-Product Development Imaginea’s client needed a graphical tool, which their customers could intuitively use to model, view and modify their entire business process on-line, on a web-browser. This tool had to provide a smart, interactive way of visually modeling business processes using a rich combination of icons, animation, audio and video elements. Imaginea used Sliverlight™ and other Microsoft™ tools to develop key Modeler featuresCopyright © 2010, Imaginea Inc. Imaginea is a Pramati business. All Trade Names and Marks belong to their respective owners.
  2. 2. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA’S SILVERLIGHT™ EXPERTISE FOR RICH WEB-APPLICATIONS 2The evolution of the internet has spawned ademand for web-based applications that provide For a long time, technical constraints preventedrich, visually stunning and interactive user web-applications from delivering the sameexperiences. With providers offering an array of richness of user experience that a clientproducts and services through numerous delivery application accessing local data could provide,channels, on-line customers are spoilt for choice. with the same level of performance. SilverlightNo wonder then, edgy software vendors try to is Microsoft’s answer to those worries.hook and engage users to their applications, in the Silverlight™ is a new Web presentationhope that customers return for that persuasive, technology created to run on a variety ofvalue-adding experience. platforms. It enables creation of rich, visually stunning and interactive applications that canImaginea offers its Silverlight™ expertise and Rich run everywhere: within browsers, on multipleInternet Application development capabilities to devices and desktop operating systems. Thisorganizations that seek to leverage such RIAs browser plug-in is available freely on the net.developed using Microsoft™ technology. Yourorganization too can benefit from Imaginea’s vastexperience and expertise, as our client who needed resources that add value to users viewing modeleda striking, web-based, on-line Business Process processesModeling tool, discovered. • Silverlight 3-D effects that provide a stunningOn-line Business Process Modeler visual experienceImaginea’s client needed a web-based, graphical • Powerful image zooming using Silverlight Deeptool, which their customers could intuitively use to Zoommodel, view and modify their entire business • Zoom and Pan features that enhance theprocess on-line, on a web-browser. This tool had to navigation experienceprovide a smart, interactive way of visually modeling • Use of control templates, which ensure all the UIbusiness processes using a rich combination of controls are totally customizablestriking icons, animation, audio and video elements.Imaginea relied on Sliverlight and other Microsoft • Ability to bind data to controls and customize thetools to develop key features of this Modeler: display, as per user needs• Animations that create a dynamic, interactive • Use of HTML Bridge to access the HTML DOM experience engaging users from managed code, and to call managed code from JavaScript• Capability to add high-quality, audio and videoimaginea
  3. 3. SERVICE SHEETIMAGINEA’S SILVERLIGHT™ EXPERTISE FOR RICH WEB-APPLICATIONS 3 • Web Services support to ease integration with monetization platform providers to B2B bulk auction other applications portals, from Facebook™ applications to Web 2.0-based social-media applications and widgets. We • Ability to serialize /de-serialize data provide the following services: • Navigation Framework • Web 2.0 Mechanics, Web 2.0 UI Uplifting, Web • Capability to easily localize the application 2.0 Re-engineering Leverage Imaginea’s Interaction Design • Social-media Product Design and Development Expertise • Design and Development of Rich interface apps By choosing Imaginea, you not just get the benefit of using Silverlight, Ajax, Flex, and RoR™ Imaginea’s Silverlight expertise, but also get to • Intuitive, informative Dashboards and leverage the rich experience of Interaction Design Web-based Reports services team in assessing, recommending, designing and developing RIA based on the customer’s specific • User Experience Analysis & Design needs. We have developed applications for • Usability customers spanning many industries- from game • Visual Design imaginea Imaginea provides product engineering services to independent software vendors, enterprises and online SaaS businesses looking for reliable technology partner. Services stretch end to end, from interaction design to development to testing to managing clouds. For more information on Imaginea, visit Imaginea is a business unit of Pramati Technologies ( Contact: 1975, W. El Camino Real, Suite 301, Mountain View, CA 94040 | +1 (866) 660 6533 | Copyright ©2010, Imaginea Inc. Private Limited. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners.