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Imaginea Cloud Offerings


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Imaginea offers engineering services that will ensure your application is available on the Cloud and you can pass on all benefits of cloud-enabled apps to your customers, or application users.

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Imaginea Cloud Offerings

  1. 1. Cloud and Imaginea O U R C A P A B I L I T I E S A N D S O L U T I O N E N G I N E E R I N G P E R S P E C T I V E S Copyright (c) 2009, Pramati Technologies Private Limited. Imaginea is a Pramati business. All trade names and trade marks are owned by their respective owners 11/4/2009 1
  2. 2. Cloud Imaginea •Pramati AMI in Cloud Pramati Cloud Access •Instantiate 3 tier Pramati apps on Cloud • Pramati Cloud • Usage • • •Imaginea S3 backup Imaginea tool Imaginea EC2 Cloud •Imaginea Hadoop processing on cloud Hypervisors Hypervisors 1. VmWare & 2. Xen Open source 3. Kvm Cloud Open Source Clouds 1. Eucalyptus 2. Open Nebulae 3. Globus Nimbus Our Customers SCM on cloud
  3. 3. Pramati Cloud App Design Deploy Topology on EC2 Apache Pramati Application MySQL Server LB LB Load Balancer Pramati Application MySQL Apache Web Server Pramati App Server Pramati App Server Pramati App Server Server Pramati Load Balancer Application MySQL MySQL MySql MySql Server
  4. 4. Imaginea Cloud deployments Social Twist runs on EC2 Dekoh runs on EC2 Qontext runs on EC2
  5. 5. SCM Applications on Cloud Repository Resource Application templates Management Service configurations Requirements Message Bus Integration Third Party Customize Engine Software And Develop Planning BI Deploy Orders ..Services SCM Apps Database instances
  6. 6. Imaginea on Cloud computing • Hypervisors – VMWare – Xen – KVM • Open Source Cloud computing – Eucalyptus – Open Nebulae • Frameworks – Hadoop – Hbase – Pig – Hive
  7. 7. Thank you i n f o @ i m a g i n e a . c o m