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Jane Goodall

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Jane Goodall

  1. 1. Jane Goodall Primatologist
  2. 2. Jane has always loved animalsJane has always loved animals She was determined to study animals in AfricaShe was determined to study animals in Africa
  3. 3. The Beginning  When Jane was 26, she moved to Africa to study animals  A man named Louis Leakey could see Jane's interest and arranged funding and permission to allow Jane to study for 6 months, as long as she wasn't alone
  4. 4.  Jane chose her mother to accompany her to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, Africa  Her findings after 6 months were so impressive, she was able to continue her studies for 45 years
  5. 5. Inspiration  Jane's favourite books when she was little were Tarzan and Doctor Dolittle  Jane realized how much she ♥loved♥ animals  These books inspired Jane to do what she did!  What books inspire you?
  6. 6. Evolution... What is it? The theory of
  7. 7. Humans are part of the PRIMATE family
  8. 8. There are many similarities...
  9. 9. PRIMATES  Have hands & hand-like feet  Have forward facing eyes  Are tree-dwellers (except for humans)
  10. 10. What is this thing?
  11. 11. Did you know, the difference between a Gorilla and a Chimp is GREATER than the difference between a Chimp and a Human?
  12. 12. Chimpanzees are advanced Primates They can use tools, communicate with sign language, and solve problems!
  13. 13. What do Chimpanzees eat? Jane discovered that chimps are omnivores Video on Termite Fishing
  14. 14. COMPASSION Jane observed behaviours such as hugs, kisses, pats on the back, and even tickling in the Chimps
  15. 15. Jane shows compassion The Jane Goodall Institute works to provideThe Jane Goodall Institute works to provide Animal Welfare and ConservationAnimal Welfare and Conservation
  16. 16. How can WE Show Compassion?
  17. 17. What is Jane up to now?
  18. 18. What is a good question to ask about Jane and the work she does?

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