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Games for Health

This presentation shows the newest games developed or under development by imaginary to target ehealth, patients' empowerment, and a way to address the challenge health needs to face today within an ageing society.

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Games for Health

  1. 1. InteractionTechnologies Omni Virtuix Kinect Leapmotion OculusRift Mobile Web
  2. 2. MillenniumHospital an innovative interface to an LMS system MilleniumHospitalisan interactive, gamified3D hospital wherea surgeoncan interactwith game-basedmedicalcontent, navigate environments, accesse-learning lessonsand learninteractvelywith peers.
  3. 3. Managing emergency situations: Rescue League Set in a 3D virtual hospital which was damaged by an earthquake, this game is designed to offer training for emergency volunteers dealing with stressful situations and applying procedural knowledge. A virtual tutor accompanies the user during the whole game experience, giving feedback and helping to manage specific situations in a better way. 70% of the volunteers who tested the game stated it helped them to better understand the working procedures they have to follow.
  4. 4. Doremi A game-basedenvironmentdesigned to promote active ageing by a constructive interaction between mind, body and social engagement.
  5. 5. WATCH THE VIDEO Improving social interaction: iSpectrum This serious game is targeted at people affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders and their families. Through 3 different scenarios: an office, a minimarket and a gardening centre, the virtual working environment offers users the opportunity to prepare themselves for job interviews, and so acquire the necessary know-how to deal with critical situations in the workplace. Trainers said: it was really useful. It affected users emotions and their learning process. ASD users said: It showed me important aspects of ‘how an office works in reality’.
  6. 6. Rehab@home imaginaryisdevelopingaseriesofgamesintegratedintoavirtualenvironmentinordertoallowpatientsaffectedbystrokesorotherimpairmentstodophysicalandcognitiverehabilitationexercisesathomewiththesupportofdifferenthandhelddevices. The medical staff will set up and regulate the exercises that are most appropriate for the specific case, according to the registered medical parameters. Patientswill be in contact with their peersthanks to an integrated social network.
  7. 7. Ability Abilityisan experientialgame-basedhome environmentfor cognitive and physicalrehabilitation. Games are suitablefor interactiveuse with the latestimmersiveinteractivetechnologiessuchasMicrosoft Kinect and OculusRift.
  8. 8. CLinIC: The Virtual Tutor Set in a 3D virtual Hospital this game aims to train nurses around complex dialogues and stressful situations. A virtual tutor accompanies the user during the whole game experience, giving feedback and helping to manage specific situations. WATCH THE VIDEO 60% of the healthcare staff who tested the game evaluated it as a positive method to experience new working situations they could encounter.
  9. 9. Pegaso The PEGASO game isa mobile social game designedspecificallyfor teenagers to sensitizethemand modifytheirlifestylehabitsby encouraginghealthynutritionwhichcan avoidobesityand resultinghealthproblems.
  10. 10. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Via Mauro Macchi, 50 20124 Milano PH. +39 02 89458.576 FAX +39 02 89458.695