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Got Visuals? How to Use Graphic Recording to Make Your Event Unforgettable


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It's becoming harder and harder to get your conference and trade show attendees to look up from their screens and engage with your brand. Here are a handful of powerful ways that graphic recording gives you ways to capture attention and imagination during and long after events.

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Got Visuals? How to Use Graphic Recording to Make Your Event Unforgettable

  1. 1. Got VisuaLs?How to use them to Make your event UNFORGETTABLE
  2. 2. OriginaL Ar t workThe original boards we create canmake all kinds of compelling dis-plays. During the event, you cancreate three-dimensional installa-tions so attendees engage with thecontent between sessions. Afteryour event, the boards can be dis-played any way you choose — evencut into parts and framed.
  3. 3. Prints, Gifts& Custom booksPrints and merchandise inspireattendees or employees to re-engage with your events’ contentagain and again.These artifacts serve as enduringreminders of your event’s biggest,most impactful ideas, and serve asgreat gifts for stakeholdersand speakers. ImageThink’scontent delivery sitemakes ordering incrediblyeasy.
  4. 4. Your Website & BLogThe digital images of graphic record-ing are great illustrations for recapsof the day on your website or blog.One of the easiest and most satisfy-ing ways to use your final images isto embed a slideshow on your web-site or in a blog post. People love to Meeting Minutesclick through slideshows with a few & PowerPointthoughtful captions. Summaries ImageThink graphic recorders listen and synthe- size main ideas and themes into drawings using a combination of images and words. The resulting visual summary is an engaging presentation that will get everyone on the same page, instantly.
  5. 5. InternaLCommunications& Repor tsSince graphic recording is colorful andeye-catching, the images from your eventbecome great conversation pieces in thedays and weeks after your event. A greatway to share and celebrate the eventand your team is to publish the images inyour internal newsletter. Press Kits & ReLeases ImageThink’s graphics are often welcomed as a refreshing change or complement to typical conference photos. Your PR team can circulate the final event images with press releases about the event, and send the gallery to reporters, bloggers and other influencers.
  6. 6. Training MateriaLsTwo-thirds of all people are visuallearners. Graphic recording presentsdata your team or your audienceneeds in the way they can processit best. If you need your team tounderstand and act on complicatedinformation in a short time frame,graphic recording is the tool youwant to use.
  7. 7. Printed Take-awaysA really great way for attendees at multi-dayevents to take home the experience is to provideprinted copies of the graphic recordings from theprevious day. The images are visual summaries —a powerful memory aid for people who watchedthe session unfold, and an at-a-glance recap forthose who were not there, live.
  8. 8. SociaL MediaA recent study found thatimages get 5 times asmany shares as˙links onFacebook.Posting an album of the finalimages to Facebook andtagging your speakers andsponsors is a great way tocelebrate their participation.Pinterest boards of your eventare a natural fit, too. Tweet theimages using the event hashtagand your speakers’ twitterhandles and watch yourre-tweets add up.
  9. 9. Animated VideosThe popularity of this medium for graphicrecording has exploded in the last few years,proving an incredibly effective tool for cap-turing attention and connecting with youraudience. With our video project partners,ImageThink can turn images from your eventinto an entertaining, engaging visual narrative.
  10. 10. Want to know more? Get in touch and we’d be happy to help you brainstorm ways to bring the power of visuals to your next event. - Heather, Nora & the ImageThink • (347) 735-9620 •