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A preso on the perspective of the Digital Arts Education Ning and some related resources

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  • Things On Ning_1

    1. 1. Things on ACOT 2 Notes
    2. 2. Considerations for today... • How can NOTE & ACOT2 benefit DigiCom? • How can they work for you and your teachers? • What would be the next step?
    3. 3. is a free online service/platform that allows people to create their own social network • Serves the need of a specific community and works well when all contribute • Acts as a vehicle for social media • It is not Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook- it allows more control of the network • Can be private, semi-private, or open • ~850,000 Nings globally since 2005 ◦ 40,000 between Jan. 1, 2009 and January 14, 2009 ◦ 100,000 between Jan 1, 2009 and February 19, 2009 • 7 Things you should know about Ning • Google Ad Sense can be removed for educational sites
    4. 4. Teacher Perspective ◦ Student collections (platform for written, still, video, audio, web links, Google Tools, and attachments) ◦ Relationships and connections through a community (local/ regional/global) ◦ Direct dialogue w/students, community, parents, or alumni as friends or groups through messaging, chat, commenting, media, or 'broadcasting' ◦ Portfolio building w/albums that feed to other sites ◦ Media container for presentation or critique ◦ Promotes writing and dialogue
    5. 5. Teacher Perspective ◦ Reinforces ISTEs ■ Creativity and Innovation ■ Communication and Collaboration ■ Research and information ■ Critical thinking and problem solving ■ Digital Citizenship ■ Technology Operations and Concepts
    6. 6. Teacher Perspective ◦ Exercises 21st Century Skills Framework ■ Life and career skills ■ Learning and innovation skills ■ Information, media, and technology skills ■ Supports core subjects and 21st Century themes
    7. 7. Technical Perspective ◦ 'My Page' can express personality and identity or uniformity ◦ Images, videos, blogs, etc, are automatically catalogued on My Page, integrated into slideshows or video feeds, and can be 'featured' or 'rated' ◦ Embed multiple RSS feeds and widgets (applications) ◦ Embed and/or generate HTML code for album slideshows and video ◦ Customize navigation, choose templates, arrange layout, or edit CSS ◦ Approve content (images, video, blogs, groups, events) ◦ Approve, Ban, invite, members or share admin rights ◦ Oh yeah.... Everything can be deleted with admin rights :)
    8. 8. Student Perspective
    9. 9. Student Perspective
    10. 10. Resources • Ning in Education • Art Education 2.0 • The Cue Community • The Global Education Collaborative • Social Nets in Education wiki • Ning Help • Ning Screencasts • My Delicious / Ning
    11. 11. ◦ Networking teachers and how technology is used in PSUSD schools ◦ Resource for what is going on using Web 2.0 tools ◦ Launched w/CTE teachers ◦ Scaleable for site coach use and PSUSD community as a whole ◦ Create events, socialize media, group and network, blog, comment, feature and rank, improve communication.... "bridge the islands"