Imagining Tahquitz@CUE


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Presentation for Apple Education at the 2013 CUE Conference on our local digital arts and literacy collaborations.

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Imagining Tahquitz@CUE

  1. 1. I m ag i n i n g Multimedia CollaborationWere here to share something special and hopefully offer some inspiration!AKA The Student Creative Jr
  2. 2. Download
  3. 3. Matt CauthronDigital Arts Technology Academy,Cathedral City High SchoolTw i t t e r : i m a g e m o n k iEmail: mcauthron@psusd.us2012 CUE / ISTEO u t s t a n d i n g Te a c h e r
  4. 4. Today’s special guests...
  5. 5. Taylor Burns - Digital Thespian Mariah Wells - Lesson LearnerSara Lopez - iBook Authorista
  6. 6. Pandora’s Box 2010-11Imagine: Unicorns & Trashcans 2011-12Legends of Tahquitz Currently in Production!
  7. 7. Resource
  8. 8. Here’s the 1st video!
  9. 9. The Big IdeaThis project was designed in the Challenge Based Learning format. I was lucky enough to beselected as 1 of 18 educators from across the country to work w/Karen Cator and the AppleEducation team on the curriculum design side of the CBL framework.
  10. 10. To provide a collaborative learning experience between students, emphasizing a variety of art, technology, and 21st Century skills.Mentoring, creative expression, problem solving, tech, communication, presentationand all this aligns very nicely w/the Common Core!
  11. 11. Inspiration: Wonderland By the Korean artist Yeondoo JungIt is very intriguing how truly pure the creative mind’s of young children are and howimportant it is to provide learning experiences that exercise their creativity.
  12. 12. The ProcessIt is more about the “Village” and the process vs. the product!Around 100 Individuals!!!-working together collaboratively with a visual arts & technology focus as the foundation***When I pitched it to my students they were VERY excited by the possibility of working withyoung students in the schools they attended.
  13. 13. Story Pandora: By Di a sophomore with the guidance of Ex-Buena Vista Pictures President, David Vogel Unicorns: As part of an all grade level wide writing contest for third graders Tahquitz: Written from multiple perspectives by GATE middle schoolers surrounding the legend of Tahquitz CanyonEach year provides a different challenge*The story was selected by Mr. David Vogel, ex-President of Buena Vista Pictures.I worked with Taylor for several weeks storyboarding and breaking down multipleversions of the story to accommodate the age group. I honestly lost track of how manyversions we wrote....’
  14. 14. Collaboration After the story is revised, Di students visit Rio Vista 3rd graders to read the story & sketch the segments.These are their thinking faces
  15. 15. Artwork PSUSD VPA Specialist returns to add color to the drawingsWithout the coordination & assistance of Louisa as the Visual & Performing Arts specialist,this project may not ever have gotten of the ground.
  16. 16. Digital Artwork Di students scan all the art, then shoot and edit their interpretations of itNot knowing who the models will be is half the fun. Unicorns required help from one of ourVPs and Academy math teacher
  17. 17. Presentation After digital artwork is created, Di students return to RV to present their work to the whole grade level.Sometimes elementary students are the tuffest audience! I’ve had kids up speaking in publicbefore, but this time it was interesting to see them more nervous then when speaking toadults.
  18. 18. Revision Di students make further edits to their work after presenting and in preparation for publishingSeeing and speaking about their work (to a tuff client) provided opportunity for reflection andrevision
  19. 19. AudioAs we’re working at RV we run a little audition
  20. 20. Video Intro Created in After Effects by advanced Di studentsNow this small piece becomes important as we build the iBook!
  21. 21. Media Di students then compile the text & imagery for print, digital books, and videoAvailable in PRINT and iPad on Blurb.comand with NARRATION on
  22. 22. The Solution(s)1. Presenting their work at Rio Vista2. Sharing work with a local AND global community3. Publishing work for students and the world to see in a professional manner
  23. 23. Blurb and in print, pdf, iBook, or online w/narration-Wanted to make sure that it was accessible for everyone as print = $$$
  24. 24. Since the availability of iBooks Author...Interactive and shareable iBooks for the iPad available in 51 stores World Wide!Downloads have far surpassed our print or online viewing audience
  25. 25. Video shared on Vimeo and entered into contests...Wait! But thats not all folks!
  26. 26. With Unicorns we also involved local Coachella Valley artists...
  27. 27. Unicorns: Exhibit @ Walter Marks Center for the Artsall coming together as a multi-age gallery show!
  28. 28. AwardsThese honors can be used by all students on their resumes for college and scholarships!
  29. 29. In Production now!
  30. 30. What’s NewI would really like to find further opportunities to establish a peer system for projects like thisto continue in Cathedral City schools or PSUSD.
  31. 31. Story: Written by 3 classes of MS GATE English w/screen play by DATA Senior EnglishIn Production now!
  32. 32. Visit: MS / HS hike into Tahquitz Canyon, reading at Tahquitz FallsIn Production now!
  33. 33. Animation: Created by 3 teams of Di studentsIn Production now!
  34. 34. iBook: Tells the story from 3 perspectivesIn Production now!
  35. 35. Collaboration: Media will be tied into our Student Creative global collab, MyThology as well as Google Lit Trips www.StudentCreative.orgIn Production now!
  36. 36. ReflectionsI would really like to find further opportunities to establish a peer system for projects like thisto continue in Cathedral City schools or PSUSD.
  37. 37. Taylor Burns - Digital Thespian"I was challenged when I offered to write PandorasBox my sophomore year. I helped Mr. Cauthron editthe story. And I had the honor of my name being inthe book. Last year, when we wrote Unicorns andTrashcans, I was challenged in a whole new way. Imentored the children at the elementary school and Igot to see how their imagination worked. Then Irecreated their drawings with Photoshop.This year, my story was picked to be one of the threeLegends of Tahquitz myths. Im also recreating fivechildrens art works. Which again, will be achallenge. But it gives me a sense of leadership. "
  38. 38. Mariah Wells - Lesson LearnerThis experience has taught me a lot in life. I neverthought I wanted to be a teacher, but working with theRio Vista children showed me that at that age, you’re sofull of life and curiosity about the world. It showed mehow to collaborate well with others for the better of ateam. For this assignment, I helped write the story withmy friends Taylor and Crystal. Last year I created a pageand was also a model.
  39. 39. Sara Lopez - iBook Authorista“Making the iBook for Unicorns andTrashcans was definitely a learning process.I used the general format from our previousiBook, Pandoras Box, animated the title abit, organized the photos and artwork intothe chapters, and it was ready to go. Imlooking forward to taking this iBook to thenext level with our upcoming Legends ofTahquitz project.”
  40. 40. Download