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Market research results


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Market research results

  1. 1. Imebvore Aigbochie Market Research ResultsMy survey got taken a total of 40 times and these are the results I received from each question: 1. How old are you?Age Amount16 317 1318 2119 4 2. What is your Gender?Gender AmountMale 32Female 8 3. Where do you get your music from?Where to get Amountmusic fromMusic Stores 12Online Downloads 28 4. Where do you access music?Where to Amountaccess musiciTunes 16Spotify 6YouTube 14MySpace 4 5. Do you listen to Dubstep?Do you listen to AmountDubstep?Yes 38No 2
  2. 2. Imebvore Aigbochie 6. Do you make your own music? Do you make your Amount own music Yes 1 No 39 7. Who is your favourite Dubstep producer?Favourite Dubstep AmountproducerTrolley Statcha 22Skism 13Nero 5 8. Have you ever been seen you favourite artist live?Seen favourite Amountartist liveYes 26No 14 9. Have you ever been to a Music Festival/ Dubstep Rave? If so which oneBeen to a Music Amount Music AmountFestival? Dubstep Festivals/DubstepRave? RavesYes 25 UTR 6No 15 Shoreditch 13 Ultimate Rave Outlook Festival 4 Electronic Music 2 Cruise
  3. 3. Imebvore Aigbochie 10. What are you first drawn to on a magazine?First drawn to on a AmountmagazineMasthead 13Front Cover image 24Puffs 1Competitions 2 11. Do you prefer magazines with a lot of text on the front page or minimal text?Prefer minimal AmounttextYes 33No 7 12. How much would you be willing to pay for a Dubstep magazine?Amount in £ Amountsomeone would ofbe willing to pay people£2 or less 25£3 14£4 1£5 or more 0 13.