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What is mxf format


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What is MXF format? What is a MXF file? How to play and convert MXF video? It's probably you will be at sea the first time you meet MXF format. Don't worry, this PPT will help you know about MXF in seconds.

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What is mxf format

  1. 1. What is a MXF file? MXF converter & player intro.
  2. 2. What is a MXF file? 1. What is a MXF file? • MXF is short for Material eXchange Format and designed as an industry standard for future professional video/audio applications without regards to operating platforms. At present, many camera recorders are using MXF format, such as Sony XDCAM and Canon EOS C300. • More details about what is MXF
  3. 3. What are MXF converters? 2. What are MXF converters? • FFmpeg, GStreamer and Ingex are basic libraries to proceed MXF files, but they cannot be used directly. Mostly, people turn to other tools including Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro (3.1 or above) and Final Cut Pro. • More details about MXF converters
  4. 4. What are MXF players? 3. What are MXF Players • MXF4mac Player and VLC player (together with a ffmpeg library) are able to play MXF video on Mac. • MPC player and kMPlayer make it possible to play MZF on PC. • More details about MXF players
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