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How to download facebook video


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Facebook is great place for people sharing anything they like. This article tells you how to download the Facebook videos.

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How to download facebook video

  1. 1. How to download Facebook video
  2. 2. How to download Facebook video Facebook is a place where people share anything they like with others. Even though Facebook is not a video sharing website like YouTube, we can still find lots interesting videos on it. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allows to download video either – just like the YouTube. But don’t worry. We have solution for this problem and in this article you’ll learn how to download Facebook video.
  3. 3. For YouTube videos shared on Facebook Many people like to share the YouTube videos on Facebook. For this kind of video, you just need to click the YouTube icon and turn the original page of the video. The next thing you should do is to download the YouTube video. You can refer to this guide: How to download YouTube video in one click.
  4. 4. For videos uploaded from Facebook Sometime we upload video to Facebook. Download this kind of video is a bit complex. First you should right click the video frame and choose copy the link address. Just like this:
  5. 5. For videos uploaded from Facebook Visit and copy the video link in the blank box. Click “Download” and go to the download page. It provides the low quality option and high quality option. Right click the download button and save the link. Then you can save the video to your computer.
  6. 6. For videos uploaded from Facebook Source: