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16 Important Ingredients of Successful SaaS Company


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There has been numerous articles, blogs, whitepapers which highlights the difficulties and challenges involved in building highly Scalable, Profitable and Sustainable SaaS Applications especially Multi-Tenant based solutions. These articles points out very few real challenges which are so obvious and common across any kind of SaaS Applications. The degrees of complexity in building “Pure” Multi-Tenant SaaS application will vary from one domain to another for Example: Building a SaaS Application targeted to HealthCare industry is completely different from SaaS based education or collaboration platform.

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16 Important Ingredients of Successful SaaS Company

  1. 1. Customer Acquisition • Customer is King • Customer On- boarding Follow KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) • Automate Customer On-boarding Process • Make your registration page pleasing • Offer Attractive & Affordable Subscription Plans
  2. 2. Freemium is Best • Try before you buy ( Freemium) is Sexy • All the rest of the products around offer freemium • Analyse if freemium could work for you • Plan what your free plan gotta offer • Extend free Trial for prospects
  3. 3. Freemium Analytics • Keep an eye on your trial Conversions • Understand who is the potential customer • Predict the revenue for the next month, quarter • Understand the problems of non- engaging customers
  4. 4. Subscription Management • Identify the Pricing Plans • Analyse and increase the adoption rate of your pricing plans • Offer attractive pricing model • Choose the best charging frequency • Make sure you have plans to cater for various segments of your targeted segments
  5. 5. Recurring Billing • Analyse and increase the adoption rate of your pricing plans • Offer attractive pricing model • Choose the best charging frequency • Make sure you have plans to cater for various segments of your targeted segments • Incorporate Dunning • Discounts & Coupons
  6. 6. SaaS Security • RBAC – for granular access control • Security in all layers • Data Security Policies • Security against Subscription Plans • Adhering to OWASP security Guidelines • Support for Single Sign On • API Security • SSO & Open Auth
  7. 7. Database Isolation • Size database per customer? • Targeted Domain • Schema level customizations • Price of your product? • No. of prospective customers you are targeting? • Average usage concurrency • Usage Pattern • Collaboration between customers
  8. 8. • White Labelling • Language Preference • Support for custom fields • Customizable business policies • Email templates • Workflow Customization • Billing Customization • Master data Manipulation Customizability & Configurability
  9. 9. • Integratibility is the key influencer in SaaS adoption • Provide Extension & hooks to integrate other Apps • Be independent on Technology via APIs • REST & XML Support Integratibility & Extendibility
  10. 10. • More the Product Self Serviceable, the less cost, effort, churn will be. • Keep it Silly & Simple • Supportive Documentation • Customer success driven • Identify Customer needs and automate Self Servicing
  11. 11. • Build distributed, SOA based architecture • Scale as and when needed • Analyse & understand the product Demand • Implement effective Caching, CDN etc • Identify Potential performance bottlenecks and address it Performance, Scalability & Availability
  12. 12. • Automate backup Process • Keep Customers informed about Planned Maintenance • Do Maintenance on Off Hours • Check for Redundancy • Learn from Service outages • Test, Test,Test & Test Operations & Maintenance
  13. 13. Pick the Perfect Cloud• Pricing • Expertise • Reliability • Financial Stability • Easy Manageability • Customer Support • Transparency
  14. 14. • Provide support for customizing email messages • Support for Multi Language • Support for configuring dispatch details such as SMTP, port no., etc • Support for Dynamic Place Holders Automate Messaging
  15. 15. • Identify the right candidates for WF • Automate the Business Process • Provide Customizable Process Flows • 0% Hardcode • Be ZERO dependant on IT Folks • Empower Business Users with the power of WF Designers Dynamic Workflows
  16. 16. • % of Active & Inactive Trial Customers • % of Paid Customers • Identify the Potentials Customers • Identify Cross Selling & Upselling Opportunities • Predict the LTV & ARPC(U) • Predict MRR Business Analytics
  17. 17. Presented by Ilyas. F, Technical Evangelist,