15 Compelling Reasons to Consider Multi Tenancy


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15 Compelling Reasons to Consider Multi Tenancy

  1. 1. Compelling Reasons to Consider MULTI-TENANCY 15
  2. 2. COST • Reduced Cost of Multi Tenant SaaS Development/ Deployment/ Delivery & Maintenance • “0” CapEx and reduced “OpEx” • On-demand investment on Commodity Hardware • Serve more customers with less Servers • No Separate Instance required for each Customer • Use existing tools, technologies, SaaS Architecture to minimize the devX Cost
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION • Customer/User Collaboration –Collaboration between Customers becomes extremely easier –Employee/User of one customer can co-operate with another. –Customer Mergers & Acquisition is super easy • Data Collaboration –Share data from one Customer to another –Consolidation of Data from multiple Customers
  4. 4. DATA CONSOLIDATION • Multi Tenancy enables Consolidation of Data • Database operations are simpler, since all the customers data are consolidated in one place • Better Geo replication, duplication, Data Sync with On premise, Data Backup etc. • Consolidated Data provides intelligent insights about business, application, customers, revenues etc. • Track and Analyse behavioural patterns.
  5. 5. CUSTOMER CONSOLIDATION • Consolidation of Customers/Users/Data • Better Customer/User Insights • Consolidation lets you understand the Adoption pattern by Geo/Domain/Business • Revenue recognitions by businesses • Analyse & Improve the existing business by providing more value
  6. 6. APPLICATION UNIFICATION • Consolidate multiple Separate/customized instances into one single instance • No separate H/W or S/W License Cost for each Tenant • No 100’s of Code base to maintain, so hassle free code maintenance and enhancements • Follow best practises of SaaS Application Deployment
  7. 7. UNLIMITED SCALABILITY/PERFORMANCE • No hardware limitation, Scale indefinitely • Provides consistent performance • Provides 100% Availability • Build for performance/scalability • Identify potential scalability/performance bottlenecks and eliminate • Use Proven and widely use Cloud/SaaS Application frameworks • http://www.techcello.com
  8. 8. MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT • Enhance/Upgrade/Patch at any time Conveniently • Deliver Hot Fixes instantly & Easy Continuous Integration • No downtime required for SaaS App Maintenance activities • Introduce new Features and Enhancement easily • Less Manual resources to manage the App http://blog.fogcreek.com/four- million-to-one/
  9. 9. OWNERSHIP & AUTHORITY • No S/W or H/W to install at the Customer end and hence no dependency from Customer • No additional Cost for the Customer • ISV has complete authority over the S/W & H/W • ISV can experiment/explore with new features and enhancements • Collect feedback/survey/opinion about what works and doesn’t
  10. 10. PROVISION • Simplified provisioning process • Provision/On-board new Customer in seconds • Offer multiple ways of Customer on boarding – Self Registration – Offline Customer On boarding • Instant access to the Service • Freemium &No Contacts & No Credit Card (Try before you buy)
  11. 11. INSTANT ASSISTANCE • Monitor the service in real-time and react instantly • Kill the bug even before customer report • Watch the Application load at real-time • Provide instant support and keep your customers happy   • Continuously Monitor, test and keep the system healthy
  12. 12. EFFICIENCY • Improved Operational Efficiency • Entire Customer will use single instance of the same app, so no more multiple versions • Efficiency in handling Customer requests • Improved Data Security, Redundancy, Availability • Seamless Upgrades/Patches/Bug Fix • Use the Single H/W & S/W 100%
  13. 13. UPSELL & CROSS SELL • Identify potential customer based on usage to Upsell & Cross sell • Increase MRR by providing innovative features • Transparency in Billing • Let customer know the bill for the next month • Have Simple subscription plans
  14. 14. BUSINESS ANALYTICS • Get insightful Business & Product Analytics • Actionable Metrics that helps you to informed decisions • Better Resource Planning • Prediction of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)/Cash Flow • Analyse the most used/unused features of your application
  15. 15. SIMPLIFIED SALES • No Long Sales Cycle • With Freemium, make visitors realize the value before purchase decisions • Make your product sell for itself • Value based Pricing Strategy • Transparency in Billing & Sales Process • Your customers are your best sales force
  16. 16. CUSTOMER HIERARCHY • Setup Hierarchical Tenant Setup • Hierarchy refers to Parent – Child setup – Best applies to enterprise who have Departments/Division – Origin based • Reseller & Distributor model • Support for Tenant Chaining • Tenant Linking
  17. 17. techcello SAAS LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Ilyas F, Technical Evangelist http://www.techcello.com sales@techcello.com