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Dato bahaman intro

  1. 1.  Dato Bahaman, or Abdul became so famous that Rahman, was born to the unnamed river in the Tuanku Imam Nuh of vicinity was known as Bangkinang and Rokiah Sungai Seman Tahan, Andul Rahman, daughter which later became the of Tok Setia Perkasa route in which the British Semantan , a Bugis came through. descent hailing from Southern Sulawesi. Better known as Seman, he was also adept at the martial arts of ‘silat’ and was believed to be invincible. These special abilities led him to be dubbed ‘Seman Tahan’ by the people of the area. This name
  2. 2.  An uprising of the locales Terua (an area under the ruling against the British along this of Dato’ Bahaman) without the river (Sungai Semantan), was consent of the former. When led by Dato’ Bahaman. The Hugh Clifford (Pahang’s main reason of this rebellion is Deputy Resident of British) due to the dissatisfaction and learned of the matter, he had enmity of the local leaders advised the Sultan of Pahang towards the intervention of the of the situation, and the Sultan British over their territories later summoned Dato’ The animosity between Dato’ Bahaman to go to Pekan so Bahaman and the British had that the matter may be begun since 1890, but it investigated. Dato’ Bahaman reached its peak in 1891. In had refused the order and the 1890, Dato’ Bahaman was said Sultan then released a letter to have uttered insults and which effectively dispelled his words of anger towards position and rank as Orang Temerloh Colonial Officer, E.A Kaya Semantan. Wise when the latter wanted to build a police station in Lubuk
  3. 3.  This action had led Dato’ Bahaman to retaliate by ambushing C.E.M Desborough and his people on 15th December 1891 while they were navigating the Semantan River. The surprise attack was carried out because Dato’ Bahaman had initially thought that C.E.M Desborough had come to capture him. Desborough’s party had suffered a defeat and he then escaped to Temerloh. Upon hearing of the incident, British officers all around Pahang then started preparing their armies to strike back at the Malay rebels. On the 21st December 1891, a force led by Clifford and Tengku Mahmud had gone to Kampung Kelubi, also known as Dato’ Bahaman’s second defense fortress. It was here that another skirmish between the British and Dato’ Bahaman ensued but the British was once again overwhelmed.