A better tomorrow


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A better tomorrow

  1. 1. A BETTER TOMORROW Choral SpeakingIn thunder and lightning, here we come [teh tarik, teh tarik, roti canai , char kuew teow,<Ladies> < and gentlemen,> <pkw> <pk> we the youth of todayPresent to you ‘A Better Tomorrow’. Teh tarik, teh tarik, roti canai , char kuey teow~]<<tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you tomorrow~>> -singLe- Don’t forget the king of the fruits < the durian! The durian!> <Eeeee---smelly--> < Nice la..!>Malaysia is a multi - racial country.A country that belongs to all Malaysians <What about the sago worms?><U><N><I><T><Y> <pk-pkw-pk-pkw-pk> <Yuks! Not our cup of tea!>Unity! <Hey!They are delicious And nutritious> Into the final frontier,A cultural melting pot Here we come<<Udah makai, nuan?>> << Wa jiak pah liaw?>> With our handsome astronaut [ohh.....]A unique heritage of different races A small step for Datuk Dr. Syeikh Muszaffar<<Selamat Hari Raya>> << Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi Nie>><<Diwali Vartikah>>A harmonious blend unlike any in the world. <<owww, Datuk Dr. Syeikh Muszaffar~~>>[Malaysia, Truly Asia...] -Lagu- A giant leap for all MalaysiansWe’ve dances from joget to ngajat He is the symbol of the possibleAll swaying beautiful to our angklong If he can do it, so.. can we??In our baju kurung, cheongsam and sariWe have Malaysians who have made us proud [We are Malaysians , can we do it? We are Malaysians, Yes we can]Datuk Jimmy Choo<<the cheapest pair cost RM3000!>><<Really?!>>Datuk Bernard Chandran<the super fashion designer !> We, the youths of Malaysia want a countryDatuk Azhar Mansor<< the brave>><< seafaring>><< adventurer>> <founded on security,>< peace>< and prosperity>Errr...Datuk Siti Nurhaliza?< the talented songbird> Upholding the principles of our Rukun Negara.<<What about the Bond girl???>> << I know! i know!>> Datuk Michelle Yeoh <We want forward > < thinking Malaysians> to meet the challenges of globalisation.Malaysians love their food--ermmm yummy-- Let us all work togetherthe menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner hand in hand to create a better tomorrowwill be as varied as it’s people. <One voice,> < one hope, > <one nation> One Malaysia![o char kuey tiaw , o char kuey teow,roti canai, char kuey teow, ]X2 <pkw-pk> -Lagu-