Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2014 brochure


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Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2014 brochure

  1. 1. Educating and empowering Filipino investors July 4-5, 2014 | 9:00am-6:00pm | SMX Convention Center, Pasay City
  2. 2. Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the country’s number one conference and expo on investing and trading. Our aim is to educate and empower self-directed individual investors through access to investment experts and a market showcase of financial services and real estate properties.
  3. 3. A Unique Event Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the No. 1 investing and trading conference and expo in the Philippines. The pioneer in investment conferences, it has since been imitated but never matched. Now on its 7th run, it has become the annual gathering of investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for more investment options and seeking new investing and trading strategies in the financial and property markets. It is also a prime venue for financial institutions and real estate developers to showcase their expertise, products, and projects to highly qualified and motivated individuals.
  4. 4. Access to Investment Experts For the past six runs, Money Summit & Wealth Expo has featured the foremost experts in stocks, forex, funds, and real estate. These include CEOs, best-selling authors, and industry practitioners from the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. The event has educated thousands of investors at all levels through premium content at the conference and free talks at the expo. This year, we are launching two co-located conferences: Stock Market Investing Summit and Real Estate Investing Summit.
  5. 5. A Marketplace of Investment Options With over 60 exhibitors including banks, insurance firms, investment companies, property developers, real estate marketing agencies, and stock and forex brokers, visitors to the expo can choose from a wide array of investment options. There are also free talks and product demos at the expo area where visitors can learn about the basics of investing and trading.
  6. 6. Money Summit & Wealth Expo draws information-hungry investors looking for ways to boost their portfolio’s returns. Thousands of individuals are expected to visit the expo to compare and evaluate various investment options.
  7. 7. High Income Investors More than two-thirds of Money Summit participants are entrepreneurs, executives, and licensed professionals. Around a third earn over P100,000 a month, with almost half already investing between 5 and 20 percent of their income. Money Summit attracts the most desirable market for investments. Business owner 16% Executive Manager Licensed Professional 23% Staff 10% Student 11% Other 11% OCCUPATION Less than P25,000 19% P25,000-P50,000 25% P51,000-P75,000 13% P75,000-100,000 12% Over P100,000 31% MONTHLY INCOME
  8. 8. High Impact Our vision for Money Summit & Wealth Expo is to help build a new Filipino investor class. After attending the conference, over 60 percent of participants have indicated a sharp increase in intention to invest more, at least 20 percent of their income. And nearly all plan to get started within a year. 9% 11% 22% 17% 17% 8% 6% 10% 1% 1% 18% 20% 24% 8% 11% 17% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 0% Less than 5% 5-10% 11-20% 21-30% 31-40% 41-50% Over 50% INVESTMENT BEHAVIOR Within 1 month 47% Within 3 months 21% Within 6 months 10% Within 1 year 13% After 1 year 2% No plans yet 7% INVESTMENT TIMELINE
  9. 9. High Energy Money Summit & Wealth Expo is not just an educational event, it’s an experience. The atmosphere is electrifying. Participants have called it inspiring and an eye-opener. Many have credited the event for changing their mindset, broadening their perspective, exposing them to investment options, and even validating their strategies. A full 99% highly recommend the event.
  10. 10. Money Summit & Wealth Expo offers companies a highly motivated and qualified market for investments. We deliver results for sponsors looking to generate both leads and sales.
  11. 11. The Gold Standard We have a unique market position as the first investment trade show of its kind in the Philippines. While there are now other conferences and seminars on investing, nothing beats the scale and reach of Money Summit & Wealth Expo.
  12. 12. Track Record Now on its 7th run, Money Summit & Wealth Expo has been a tremendous success in attracting both participants and sponsors. Many of our corporate sponsors have supported Money Summit & Wealth Expo more than once. Partner with the pioneering event that has already been tried-and-tested.
  13. 13. Prime Market Thousands of individuals attend Money Summit & Wealth Expo, with a significant percentage taking action to invest immediately after the event. Our audience are much more likely to become your customers as they are already in the evaluation and buying phase. Our sponsors generate both quality leads and outright sales.
  14. 14. Wide Exposure We offer various options for you to maximize your exposure at Money Summit & Wealth Expo. From speaking slots and booth space to media mileage and branding opportunities, you have the flexibility of reaching the best audience for your products, projects, and services.
  15. 15. Dates and Venue Money Summit & Wealth Expo will be held on July 4-5, 2014, 9:00am-6:00pm. The conference and expo will occupy over 2,000 sqm. of conference and expo space at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. About the Producer Money Summit & Wealth Expo is produced by Learning Curve Inc., the leading producer of conferences, expos, and seminars on business, personal finance, and investing. Our brands include MoneySense Live, Rich Dad Asia Congress, National Sales Congress, Financial Advisors Congress, Webcamp, Freelance Camp, Business Startup Expo, Office Expo, Creative Business Conference, Asia Internet Congress, and Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  16. 16. Contact Information Landline: (632) 696-6981 or 514-9276 Telefax: (632) 570-7506 Website: