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Presentation 2


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Presentation 2

  1. 1. GOODBYE 5-B Hey guys thx sa mga tinuro nyo saaking mabubuting gawain na Tinuruan akong maging isang tunay na tao.
  2. 2. welocom the 5-B Julienne :clever, beautiful Feith : addicted to powder, friends with Monica Kristel :Maarte, minsan mabait Monica: tahimik pero magaling kumanta Moesha : mabait kapag may teacher Denice : gusto ng mga teacher namin Mariah : gusto ni Felix
  3. 3. Aihra : cute Paola : daldalera Tanjia : Cory lover Bianca: nice voice, good girl Ann :Sonny with a chance lover Fatima : iniinis na bal dog Basilyn : great in volleyball Shayne : BFF ko dati Althea : favorite ni Sir. Jed Katrina : tomboy Candy: creative Shentela: treat us like a family this are the girls of 5-B
  4. 4. Ivan : noisy little boy Isaac : crush si Monica at crush ni …………………………. Gab and Jomarie : good in playing football Marlon and Felix : palaging pinapagalitan Paul : has big eyes Mark : likes to bike Jumel : my friend Karl: Wiz kid Karel : noisy officer Bryle: Good friend of mine Rafael : going to HOLLYWOOD Bjourn: always covering his mouth Lester : you might thought his a wimp but you will be surprise if he is your officer
  5. 5. Jerome : I hug him during our goodbyes RJ : Wiz kid 5-B Boys