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A Gentleman


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it talks about the guy i love

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A Gentleman

  1. 1. A gentleman by: book of poems
  2. 2. A Gentleman I knew him for a gentleman By signs that never fail; His coat was rough and rather Worn, His cheeks were thin and pale A lad who had his way to make With little time to play; I knew him for a gentleman A by certain signs today He met his brother on the street- Of came his little cap; My door was shut –he waited There Until I heard his rap He took a bundle from my hand; And when I dropped my pen He sprang to pick it up for me this gentleman of ten. a
  3. 3. a He does not push the crowd along He always shuts the door; He runs on errands with a song The fields mill and the store He stands aside to let you pass He thinks of you before himself He serves you if he can This gentleman of ten AnnGutierez