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Newsletter 7 march 2012


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Newsletter 7 march 2012

  1. 1. Chennai Wordsmiths Toastmasters AlphabetZ Club Issue # 7 March 2012 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: A Contest to Cherish.Divn Governor’s pat 1 March 10th 2012 was chosen as the date for the curtain raiser ofPresident’s Special 2 the event Communique 2012 - Chennai Wordsmiths Toastmas-Rocking Role Players 3 ters‟ International Speech and Table topics Contest. It was a dayContestants Speak 4 that I awaited with curiosity and nervousness.Terrific Talents 6 7 International speech contestants and 14 table topics‟ contestantsPhoto Gallery 7 were the centre of attraction. A good amount of crowd had gath-LGET’s Advise 8 ered and the stage was set for a formidable fight to en- thral the audience. At the end Special issue: of nearly 4 hours, I was left  Dedicated to all partici- with evergreen memories pants of the club contest that I would re-collect any for International Speech and Table Topics contest time in my life if someone 2012. comes up to me and says Communique 2012! Division Governor’s pat! This contest was highly ticed is the hall was full Fantastic show. I am very competitive - both inter- and people did not even thrilled by the enthusi- national speech contest have chairs to sit. This is asm of Wordsmith as well as the table topics the first time in the his- Toastmasters. Wishing contest.. It was tough for tory of Wordsmiths this them all the best!!! the judges to rank these is happening - the hall is contestants to decide the getting full, people stand- - Saro Velrajan winners. Above and be- ing at the back to watch yond one thing that I no- what is happening here. ALPHABETZ TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. President’s Pride Here are some of the moments that I would always treasure and be proud to say that I was there when Wordsmiths did it. First things First: There were two important milestones that Chennai Wordmsiths Toast- masters achieved for the first time and for many more times to come in the future. The 14 contestants who turned up for the Table topics were the highest that has been produced in Chennai Wordsmiths for a contest and I sin- cerely hope that this record is shattered in the ensuing contest season itself. Ever cheerful President delighted with The audience strength of more than 50 for a contest in Chennai Word- the all round response to the contest smiths Toastmasters for the first time clearly signifies that we as a club are growing and this achievement was simply possible because of „YOU‟ – the loving members of Chennai Wordsmiths. Speeches: Variety was on offer in the 7 speeches that were presented with élan by the Wordsmithonians - Strange laws in “...this achievement was simply different countries (TM Bhaskaran), avoid discriminating others possible because of „YOU‟ - the (TM Anand), belief in yourself (TM Dhanalakshmi), hope is the biggest loving members of Chennai strength (TM San- thosh), failures are not final (TM Sabapathy), compassion (TM Ro- hit) and Learning from mistakes (TM Bharath). Wordsmiths. It was a wholesome feast for the audience as every speaker tried their best to be the best as the battle with oneself was intriguing and worthy to watch. Though at the end we had only 3 winners, I am sure the contest should have been a great learning plat- form for every contestant and for every toastmaster sitting in the audience thinking of contesting in a year‟s time. Table Topics: Personally, I loved the table topics session for the simple reason that it had so many new members of Wordsmiths contesting enthusiastically. The icing on the cake was every contestant had easily crossed the minimum one minute barrier to qualify and specifically our new members TM Mullaiselvan, TM Ravi- chandran, TM Shankarnarayanan and TM Pankaj Krishna were a revelation in table topics. Not only did they contest with joy, but also they have clearly shown that Wordsmiths‟ future looks very healthy and we sure are going to face tougher challenges in our club level itself. International Speech Contest Winners 2nd Runner Up: Dhanalakshmi 1st Runner Up: Sabapathy Winner : Anand Narayanan Anand and Sabapathy will now represent the club at the Area level to compete with the winners of the other clubs in the area.Page 2 ALPHABETZ
  3. 3. ISSUE # 7 Page 3 My ten moments - President goes on! Moments make life colourful and there were so many moments that made Communique 2012 colourful. Here is my collection of ten (not in any particular order) that immediately came to mind. 1. Bhaskaran‟s huge dose of humor and specifically the law that says not to forget your wife‟s birthday! 2. Anand‟s Miss Universe moment and of course the now famous pipe breaking „put your foot‟! 3. Pankaj‟s lilting melody (Pankaj should seriously try singing if he has not attempted yet) 4. Mullaiselvan‟s table topic story about the glass being filled with different contents. Well done Mullai. 5. How can I forget Rohit Shivdas‟s fractured moon walk and of course the coolers touch during the interview! 6. Sabapathy‟s kneeling down posture symbolising body language to the invisible judges! 7. Dhanalakshmi‟s invisible teacher standing at the right corner of the room! 8. Rohit Jhunjhunwala being lifted by Contest Chair Rajeev Nambiar 9. Sridhar & Deepak for pestering the camera to the core and cap- turing so many moments in the contest! 10. Huge applause from the audience without which everything would seem nothing! Thanks Audience! President’s presenting his unforgettable moments of the contest. Rocking Role Players Without the propellers a ship – timers (TM Abhilash & TM masters (TM Adeshesh & TM can never set sailing and without Mohan), tally counters (TM Rohit Jhunjhunwala), Chief Judge role players this Arna & TM Muthu- (TM Saro) and Contest Chair Communique vel), Sergeant at (TM Rajeev Nambiar) who read- 2012 would arms (TM Vignesh ily agreed to be a part of team never have been “I can proudly say that you all & TM Janaki), cer- Wordsmiths. I can proudly say what it has be- propelled us to towards a tificate writers (TM that you all propelled us to- come. Thanks to memorable meeting.” Jananee & TM wards a memorable meeting. all the propellers Harini), Contest Krishnan Chidambaram Table Topics Contest Winners 2nd Runner Up: Arun Sridhar 1st Runner Up:Yuvaraj Winner : Deepak Pandian Deepak and Yuvaraj will now represent the club at the Area level to compete with the winners of the other clubs in the area. ALPHABETZPage 3
  4. 4. From the heart - Speech Contestants! March 2012 This was Anand‟s 6th contest participation. He has already participated in In- ternational, Table Topics, Humorous and Evaluation contests and has won a few of them too. He says that the speech content wasnt about him. He feels that the examples he quoted were always bothering him and hence it came straight from his heart. He made the examples personal to make the speech more impactful. Since it came from his heart he consumed very less time for preparations. On his experience during the speech, he says, “ Initially I was nervous. That nervous energy made me speak faster. Other than that I was totally into the content which made me emote better” Anand, who normally goes out and rehearses his speech till his turn comes, this time sat through the other speeches before him. He says that regular par- Anand Narayanan ticipation gave him the courage to sit through all the speeches before him. Dhanalakshmi, member of Wordsmiths since February 2010 was participating in her third contest with experience in one humorous and evaluation contest participation in the past. She feels her preparation was a joint effort by her and her mentor. Her men- tor was helping her by giving comments on the script throughout her prepara- tion. She took personal stories and prepared her speech. She shares her experience on stage in one line, “ Initially I felt nervous, but af- ter sometime I felt relaxed.” She feels that the contest has made her very sincere in preparing a script and practicing it well. Dhanalakshmi Sabapathy, on his first attempt in the competition is just 3 months since he became a member in Wordsmiths club. Starting his preparation well ahead he worked on 2 scripts and finalized on one 2 weeks in advance. He then took inputs from a couple of people and made a few modifications to the script and made some more minor modifications as he started practicing. He relives his experience on stage with the following words, “It was slightly differ- ent from a club speech. To begin with, the crowd was huge and it was too formal. Beyond that, I loved every moment of being there and I would probably make a better pitch the next time around as well.” Sabapathy ALPHABETZPage 4
  5. 5. Page 5VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 Rohit, who is into his 16th month of his association with Wordsmiths was participat- ing in his third contest after participating in Table Topics and Evaluation contests in the past. His speech was based on a CC manual speech. He spoke about an accident. He says that accident totally squashed his car but he was lucky to be alive to tell the tale. He captures his experience on the stage as follows, “ Great would be an understate- ment. Though I was half reluctant today morning, I am glad I saw this through.” He feels participating in a contest is an amazing experience and it brings out the best in him. S Rohit Baskaran who joined Wordsmiths just two months ago has been a Toastmaster in Dubai before. He has participated in club and areas contests in Dubai and has won 4 trophies too. He feels that preparing, editing and practicing whenever he gets time has made him perform well. He has an interesting narration about his experience in delivering the speech, “ I felt too good to share my research on the speech. And the topic I chose was quite rele- vant to human beings”. Santhosh When asked what difference the competition makes to him he says that it makes him put more efforts to perform well. He sees a significant difference between usual Paul Baskaran meetings and contests and that matters a lot to him too. Bharath Kumar with an experience of participating in one contest before claims he had a great experience. On his preparation he said that he had prepared the speech just a day back and that had an impact on his preparation and quality. So he finally chose an already given CC speech and enhanced it. He quotes his experience on stage as follows, “Just enjoyed the moment...the nerv- ousness was there, but the atmosphere was sparkling and it was great to witness the speeches and meet more TMs.” He feels the contest was a great learning and a motivation to give more next time. It was another chance to be on stage and experiment.Bharath Kumar Santhosh who joined Wordsmiths in 2010 participated in his second international speech contest this time. On his preparation he was quite candid admitting that he was lazy initially. He now realizes the need to gear up. He learnt not to memorize as that came as a barrier for his speech. “It was great. I get to know my own problems during speaking and communication” says Santhosh on his experience while delivering the contest speech. He feels participating in contest always matters a lot. It actually makes him better leader and communicator. Santhosh ALPHABETZ
  6. 6. TT - Terrific Talents on Table Topics Deepak Pandian - “Contrary to Arun Sridhar - “Regular partici- Yuvaraj - “I was telling myself the name, Table Topics needs lots pation in Table Topics at the club Opening, Body, Conclusion. I do of unconscious preparation. I keep level. Felt passionate about the tell this every time I speak. Felt gathering information about my chosen area / topic. Has brought good and comfortable. Participa- intersests and that helps in my Ta- more enthu for table topics now.” tion has boosted confidence.” ble Topics.”Murugan - The contest has made Gopi - Contest has increased my Ravichandran - This contest hasme ready to accept debacle in confidence level as we speak in made me more confident in speak-speeches and hence I will never front of 60 people. ing, especially table topics.get afraid of a topic to speak. Shankara Narayanan - Contest Mullai Selvan - I had to talk to-Pankaj Krishna - Happy that I has given courage to speak more day, so I tried. I am happy for that.could speak for the minimum time and become a better speaker. Feels comfortable to see othersrequired. talking to us. Page 6 ALPHABETZ
  7. 7. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 Page 7 Photo GalleryNo prize for guessing Rajeev Nambiar’s nick- A composed Adesesh handled the con-name. As usual he was roaring!!! test to perfection Contest Master Rohit pushing the audience to maintain high standards of energy! Audience had to watch the OUT- STANDING contest, STANDING OUT Vignesh, as the S@A, was the “crowd puller” of the day. ALPHABETZ
  8. 8. Useful advise from our LGET, D-82, Ms. Nina John on the contest. Towers Club,Near Anna Nagar Tower Park,  The conduct of the meeting was excellent. 3rd Main Road, W-Block,, Anna Nagar,  The contest was good and the focus should be to make it great. Chennai 40  Microphone should be used in contests. It makes a lot of difference.  Overall a good contest. However there is always room for CWTM improvements! All the best wordsmiths! Meeting: Every Saturday between 4 and 6 pm. Guests are welcome CHENNAI WORDSMITHS TOASTMASTERS CLUB OFFICE BEARERS President: Krishnan Chidambaram VP-Education: Anand Narayanan VP-Membership: Arun Sridhar VP-Public Relations: Sridhar Ranganathan Secretary: Yuva Raju Treasurer: Pavan Kumar Sergeant-at-Arms: Janaki For more details about the meeting, or to book speaking slots, contact Good luck to the winners to continue Anand Narayanan (VP-E) the winning spree +91 9884291317 the winning flow at the next levels ALPHABETZ