Stretch and challenge_strategies_with_ilt_june2013


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5 different strategies to stretch and challenge learners, as demonstrated at CNWL, June 2013

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Stretch and challenge_strategies_with_ilt_june2013

  1. 1. Stretching and Challengingour learnersCNWL, June 2013Carlyn Peever / Nick Madejcyzk / Tony Delahunty
  2. 2. Session Aims...• be clear what Stretch & Challenge means• reflect on some strategies for Stretch &Challenge• consider ways that ILT can help withStretch & Challenge• to share ideas
  3. 3. “Ive often thought that when something ishard for you, whether its going to law schoolor anything else that challenges you, thatsprobably what you should do.”Hillary Rodham Clinton
  4. 4. “The ultimate measure of a person is notwhere he or she stands in moments ofcomfort and convenience, but where he orshe stands at times of challenge.....”Martin Luther King, Jr.
  5. 5. Strategiesthat workfor you
  6. 6. ?
  7. 7. ChallengeWallActivity:• Take a look at someexamples around theroom.
  8. 8. Activity:• Get learners tocompose questionsmapped to Bloom‟slevelsUsingBlooms
  9. 9. Activity with ILT:• Use ILT to collaborateon board/document:e.g. Padlet:–
  10. 10. Activity:• Rafael Nadal• Ed Milliband• The Shard• ArabicWhat’s thequestion?Jeopardy
  11. 11. Activity with ILT:• Use Triptico– (installed at Wembley, nextyear at Willesden)• “What‟s the Question”appWhat’s thequestion?Jeopardy
  12. 12. BigWordActivity:• Take a word fromyour subject area andcreate an image thatboth spells and„explains‟ it
  13. 13. (“Big Word”)Examples(You can use“VocationalLearning” ifstuck)
  14. 14. BigWordActivity with ILT:• Can usemindmappingsoftware–– e.g.• Infographics- e.g.
  15. 15. Activity:The College has beenpreparing all year for apossible visit byOFSTED. It has nothappened but they arescheduled to see us bySeptember 2014.Evaluate!De Bono’s 6thinking hats
  16. 16. Activity with ILT:• Use a Forum or Chatin Moodle to host adiscussion using„Thinking Hats‟De Bono’s 6thinking hats
  17. 17. Impact!• Using your SOW‟s, find examples whereyou might use each of the abovestrategies. Now, incorporate the strategyinto your SOW.
  18. 18. • Identifying similarities and differences• Summarising and note taking• Reinforcing effort and developing a „can do spirit‟ in the classroom• Regular extended learning beyond the classroom• Regular visuals, photographs, diagrams, models, objects toreinforce key concepts and learning• Co-operative learning• Setting learning targets and goals for a particular topic• Posing key questions and hypotheses to encourage deeperthinking… what if?• Cues, questions and advance organisersClassroomlearningstrategiesthat work(
  19. 19. The endCarlyn Peever / Nick Madejcyzk / Tony Delahunty