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Recreation bills


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Published in: Automotive
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Recreation bills

  1. 1. If you cause a serious accident on the water, the Secretary of State has the right to revoke your driver’s license if you’re drunk or high on drugs. Read more here. Senate Bill 1749
  2. 2. A new law creates penalties for leaving perfectly good food to rot when local food pantries are happy to take any meat you don’t want. Read more here. Senate Bill 1620
  3. 3. A new law makes it easier for private landowners to reopen their property to the public without fear of lawsuits. Read more here. Senate Bill 1042
  4. 4. Read more here. House Bill 3367
  5. 5. If enough people request them, you can get a Public Safety Diver license plate. The money raised from the sale of these license plates will help fund water rescue services. House Bill 989