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New Illinois Laws - July 2019


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See what new laws are taking effect in Illinois.

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New Illinois Laws - July 2019

  1. 1. New Illinois Laws
  2. 2. With another legislative session complete, new laws are taking effect. These new laws will have an impact on many Illinoisans’ daily lives. New Illinois Laws
  3. 3. Do you drive and use a cell phone? Are you a smoker? Do you have a child in school? Are you or is someone you know getting married? New Illinois Laws
  4. 4. If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you’ll want to check out these new laws. New Illinois Laws
  5. 5. Cell phone use while driving will be a moving violation instead of a warning. If police see you holding your phone, they may pull you over. HB4846 – Sen. Cristina Castro Penalties for texting & driving just got steeper
  6. 6. The legal age to purchase tobacco products is rising from 18 to 21. In Chicago, authorities recorded a drop in the number of high schoolers who smoke from 13.6 percent in 2011 to 6 percent in 2017. Raising the age was cited as a key component of the decrease. HB345 – Sen. Julie Morrison Under 21? You can’t purchase tobacco products
  7. 7. Thenewlawreinstatesaminimumoffivehoursofinstructionperdayinschools, allowingexemptionsforstudentsenrolledincertaincareerdevelopmentprograms. SB28 – Sen. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant Sorry, kids – at least five hours every school day
  8. 8. A mayor or president of a city, village or incorporated town may preside over a marriage ceremony. HB2841 – Sen. Tom Cullerton Saying “I do” to the mayor
  9. 9. To stay up to date on these laws and other new laws in the future, visit and click on “New Laws.”