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BCBA Renewal Guidelines


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BCBA Renewal Guidelines

  1. 1. BCBA RENEWAL/RECERTIFY GUIDELINESEXPERATION DATE is in MyBCBA accountNEED PER 3 YEARS:36 hours per 3 years (3 hours in ethics)every year fill out form and pay feeCE TYPE DESCRIPTION LIMIT DOCUMENTATION College or university Official transcript with coursework None – all of your CE passing grade & syllabus 1 can come from this type showing behavior analysis 1 semester=15 hours content Completion of events sponsored by providers approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board None – all of your CE Certificate or letter from ACE 2 can come from this type provider CE issued by approved continuing education (ACE) providers Non-approved events directly 25% of your CE can Attestation signed by 3 related to beh analysis come from this type certificant Instruction by applicant of 25% of your CE can Letter from department chair 4 Type1 or Type 2 come from this type or ACE provider 25% of your CE can BACB posts directly to your 5 CE issued by the BACB directly come from this type online account